Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Energy Bus...

The company I work for did a stress relief day earlier this month.  I enjoy so many aspects of my job.  I often appreciate the high intense, high stress days.  There is something rewarding about solving problems in those situations.  However, it's not always the most healthy way to live. My company did a number of activities that day, including some meetings where we were really able to put our input in on some things.  There's something about just being heard that makes me feel so much better, even if they can't do much to change the situation.  Anyways, the regional manager came and spoke.  He gave each of us a book. 
The regional managers motivational speech focused on the impacts of this book - well educated and very well spoken.  Let's just say I was excited to read. I finished it in two days.  It's a quick read.  Perhaps one you might want to find at a library instead of investing in yourself, but I found myself really trying to change - adapt to the concepts.  Truth be told, it's rather cheesy.  If you can get past that, I believe you will enjoy. Especially if you find yourself dreading Mondays or stressing out about work.

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