Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Horse Show...

The parentals invited us to the Early Thaw Horse Show in St. George last weekend.  Horse Shows used to be a regular part of my life.  My dad was a horse trainer for a number of years.  Now it's just a hobby he involves the grand kids in.  It was something I really wanted Chris to experience, since throughout our courtship and marriage he's still only heard about them. 
For a hobby, it's a ton of work.  We arrived Friday morning and had to wash everything.  The horses are then all covered up in "slinky's" so they don't get dirty.   
 This guy came to show "Grinch" in the yearling mares.  I asked him if he was excited.  He said, "I'm shaking in my boots!"
 My dad specializes in halter horses.  Which essentially means the horses are not broke to be rode.  They are simply there to stand up and look pretty.  When your in front of a judge, it's appropriate to make their feet square and have them stand up straight and tall.  Here we are practicing. 
 I've mentioned this before, but below is why we call this guy Grinch. Can you see the real Grinch's outline along his face?
There you have it, a recap of a horse show.  I'm sad to say I have no pictures of Chris and I.  I forgot to mention Chris was allergic to this whole entire event.  We went to the drug store twice to get him some medicine so he could breathe and not sneeze so much. What a city slicker! I don't think he'll be entering a show anytime soon. 

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