Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Upholstering a Chair...

I really enjoy painting stuff.  I think it stems from the fact that I don't get to paint parking lots anymore.  For about a year I've been wanting to learn to upholster a chair.  I've stopped doing a lot of my painting projects because our apartment is on the third floor and it costs money - not a lot of money, but with Chris in school I felt bad using our money for something like chair upholstery.  However, the weather has really been getting to me, so Chris took me to DI to make first attempt.  I have grander plans with upholstery, but I wanted to start small - like really small to make sure I liked it.
$20 DI Chair
$4 Fabric
$8.50 Staple Gun
$5 Paint
You can take the 80's of out of the chair, but you can't take the chair our of the 80's - or can you?
I think it was a good first attempt. I decided I like it, moving on to something a bit more extreme.  Maybe a chair that has some fabric arms or back. Bam!


  1. I love this... You have inspired me to try too... Well actually will you just sale me yours? haha Its beautiful! Your very talented Mrs. Bates..

  2. That's the cutest chair I have ever seen

  3. It looks amazing! can you tell more about how you did it? Did you just have to rip the cushion off and then wrap the fabric and then staple it down? I love it and want to copy.

    1. Lea it was the easiest thing on the planet. There was four screws holding the pad in. I just un-screwed them and it slipped right off. I didn't pull off any of the old fabric. I just took a rag with Clorox and cleaned it good, let it dry and wrapped the fabric over it. The only thing I would recommend is buying a heavy duty staple gun. Our was like $8, we would staple and then I had to have Chris hammer them fully in. Anyway, if you need any advice just call me. So fun!!!!