Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wednesday Schmesday...

Today was one of those days!  My brain is exhausted from crunching some serious numbers.  Chris is still at school and I'm sitting here with the smell of tater tot casserole in the background.  I'm starving, but want to wait for him to get home to eat with me.  I can't wait to see him tonight.  I feel ornery and frustrated with work. I know as soon as he walks in the door he'll say something absolutely ridiculous and we will snuggle on the couch and watch the new episode of Duck Dynasty.  In the meantime, here's three things you may not  know about Chris that don't make me ornery or frustrated one bit. 

1. My husband has been shot at.  Like bullet holes through metal car door of where he was sitting. I guess God knew there was a 7 year old girl out there saying her prayers and knew I really needed him.  Thank you for that miracle!

2. Chris has an under bite; which eliminates his ability to open packages with his teeth. This is basically a full fledged disability in my mind.

3. One night while lying in bed I asked Chris what his sign was.  I think he said Leo.  I proceeded to tell him I thought I was a Viagra. Oops….Virgo. Which, come to find out, I’m actually a Libra. Stupidest conversation of my life.

Our first picture together - just because it's been one of those days!


  1. Sorry if this is creepery, but ever since I met you when I hung out with Maycee, I just loved you! And your blog makes me giggle. You have such a fun writing style! And it sounds like you and Chris have so much fun together. :)