Monday, March 25, 2013

My head won't let me think of a title...

I'm 112% sure I will regret not learning how to ski this winter.  I'm trying to live by the "life is long and you don't have to do everything at once not matter how much it costs" notion.  My brain always wants to live by the notion, "do it right now or you never will."
Chris and I did get to go night sledding at Soldier Hollow Golf Course.  It had been raining and the resort was complete ice, workers advising to take things with a bit more caution. First run, Chris and I caught too much air.  He pulled my tube out from under me.  Knocked me right out, after gaining full use of my body parts we continued despite injury.  I'd just like to state for the record now, despite my love for my husband, I will never, under no conditions, fly down a ice hill with him again.
I continue my long walks by the river, without as many pictures.  This particular day I drug Chris for over two hours.  We walked the entire length to the damn, only running into two fisherman.  
Chris isn't much for sitting by the river, but I took this when he wasn't looking.  I'm more for full fledged lay out.  I'd still be there if I thought my bills would pay themselves. 
The forest service has done a real nice job creating these little walk ways through, what I like to call, the bayou.  I feel like I have to get all my walks in before all this stagnant water fills up with mosquito's.
 Despite walking and my near death sledding incident, Chris took me to Hires Big H.  I've been wanting to eat there since Mitt Romney stopped there on his campaign trail.  I got the mushroom burger and Chris got the one with onions.  Best burger I've ever eaten.  That being said, I'm not really a burger girl.  I usually go for the chicken something or other when it comes to fast food.  As my brother always says, "You are what you eat."  He won't eat chicken.  Weirdo!
After we scarfed down Rom's favorite burg, we headed to the Utah gymnastics meet.  I got tickets because I thought it would calm my craving for SUU gymnastics.  I love watching gymnastics, but still find myself longing for the SUU Spectrum, where everything is much closer and way more exciting.  We'll see if I become a season ticket holder.  
I believe my recap of Chris and I's solo time had been fully portrayed.  I wish I  had pictures to blog about our fondue party invitation by our real friends in our ward.  We have friends.  Also, BF Kate from High School invited us to Comedy Sportz in Provo, cue awesome double date here.  Last, but not least, lots of BYU baseball about to happen with my neph Hayden that I haven't even talked about.  I can't wait to upload every single roster that showed his name starting as a little freshy at BYU. Until next time....

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Zipper Pillows....

 Recently, Sisterville asked my mom to make her some pillows for her couches. Her only request included orange fabric.  While Chris and I were in St. George, we went with my mom to some quilt stops and I picked out this orange chevron on behalf of Sisteville.  
Yesterday, Sisterville invited me to her house to play and I was instantly jealous of her pillows. 
My mom said she would help me make some.  She always says that at first, and then I just get in her way and she finishes everything in like two minutes. I added the picture below, just in case you want to be a copy cat and buy the goods.  The good news about the picture below, is that you only have to buy three things - pillow form, zipper and cute fabric.  
A closer view of the completed zipper implant.  That might be the dirtiest phrase this blog has ever seen. 
Last, but not least, a full tutorial on these pillows is found on Sew Mama Sew.  Just in case yo'mama ain't going to sew yours for you.  

You're welcome!!! 

Friday, March 22, 2013

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts...

I've really enjoyed the time I get to spend researching and learning about individual stocks 
through my job. Everyone invests differently. Everyone has their own strategy. I realize I’m
learning from the best, at the same time, I find myself weary of different strategies. On
that note, one particular book I read taught me how to read stock charts. I didn't
find it myself; it came highly recommended.  Ted Warren, a farm boy who believed and
practiced stock chart reading throughout his life, reaping huge rewards. This is proven
not only by his returns but by the fact his book, written in the 50’s, is still asking high
dollar online. A new one on Amazon is still selling for close of $40.

That being said, it’s a tough read. If you get through the book, understanding and trading
by his principles isn't easy. Once I started showing interest in the market, my boss pulled
me in his office one day and said, “How many times does $5,000 have to double to equal
a million?” I’ve never been that great with math and I was more worried about him
finding that out, than how I could get to a million. He later responded that $5,000 only
had to double eight times to equal over a million. Stocks double every day, it’s just about
picking the ones that double. Do it only eight times in a row and your a millionaire.
 An interesting concept, one I’m not professing to believe is easily achieved or
 even possible for that matter.

The concept I find most interesting, is reading the charts to pick the correct stocks. Ted
Warren’s book talks about how looking at the fundamentals of a company will only deter
you from a great gain. For example, each day I look at quite a few stocks. I have a list
I have saved on my computer with a few hundred I’ve found by looking at their charts.
Sometimes I check on a stock and the symbol is gone – bankrupt. Other times, I’m
surprised on what I find.

In October I added the stock KKD to my list. KKD stands for Krispy Kreme Doughnuts.
The chart looked prime, but I couldn’t get over the idea of purchasing a doughnut
company. I know Krispy Kreme was big in the 90’s - I remember the craze. Since,
I haven’t heard a dang thing about them, let alone eaten one. Their
stock was trading at $7.28 the day it came on my radar. Today their stock closed at
$14.80, that a 49% return on your money in six months. Aren’t interest rates about
3%? Here I am repeating my own advice – look at the charts, don’t get distracted by the
fundamentals.  I would have been one double closer to my million in only six months. If only...

Yahoo Finance

I write this only to share the things I am learning. For every winner, I’ve picked some
pretty great losers too. I’ve found so much excitement in trading stocks. It’s made me
more away of the economy, politics, retirement, savings and good spending habits. Perhaps
buying Ted Warren’s book isn’t the way to go for you. I would have been lost if I
wanted to strike out in the chart reading world alone. I’ve had help. I just challenge
you to pick some companies you like and watch their stock, see if doubles, see if they
bankrupt. It makes waking up early fun. It makes you anxious to check the stock chart
app on your phone.

P.S. This is not an endorsement for promoting the stock KKD.  In fact I'd discourage
you from buying, since the stock has already moved.

Over & Out!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Where are we going to go....

I don’t think I’ve fully confessed on this blog that Chris and I are moving at the end of
April. Even though most of our friends and family know, it’s something I’m having
a hard time actually believing is real. We love Heber. I’ve become a real life adult in
Heber, with a husband and everything. To make a long story short, Heber only has two
apartment complexes. One is subsidized and the other is the one we live in. They were
just finishing building our complex when we moved in, so we got the first 13 months
at a discounted rate. A simple case of supply and demand and we are moving out once
our discounted rate ends. There’s not reason to pay the rate they are asking (we can't afford it.)
 Last month, we gave our 60 day notice and ever since I’ve been freaking out about where the best
spot for us to go is. Chris will graduate school in August and my job is in Park City.
There are still so many unknowns with his job opportunities once he graduates. My day planner of a brain
hesitates signing a contract somewhere when everything this next year seems so up in the
air. My thought process continues to run through the options.

-Cheap rent to save for a home
-Close to family, both our families since C’s mom just moved to AF
-More job opportunities for C. when he graduates
-No commute for Chris with school
-Summer activities with my family – camping will be a lot closer
-Never thought I’d live there unless I was in school
-Further commute for my job- through two rough canyons

-Easier commute for me
-Job opportunities for Chris
-Cheaper rent than Heber
-Further from family, but still close enough I can’t sleep in Salem on Christmas Eve
-Let me state this one more time, CITY!

-We love Heber
-Great Ward/Great Friends
-Beautiful place to live/enjoy the outdoor life
-Great commute for me
-C has long commute
-No jobs in Heber for C so he will have to commute
-No places to rent or super high rent

-Three couples in our ward bought nice trailers, living at RV park
-Save tons of money
-Trailer non-permanent until we figure everything out
-We don’t own anything that can pull a trailer
-Living in a trailer would stink
-Oh and we don’t own a trailer

This list was more for me than you.  In the end we will probably end up in Orem, 
in close proximity to the canyon to ease mycommute. I always thought 
decisions would be easier once you were married, but I find
the annoyance of change the same. It’s still hard. It’s still the thing that helps us grow.

I live you with one of my favorite pictures.  My favorite thing to do when theirs decisions to be made - think of Christmas!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Quilting by Patty....

I find it my personal duty to start sharing my mom's quilting skills on this blog.  Her projects are amazing and she's too humble to share.  She says things like, "Oh it was so easy, anyone could do it!"  One time my dad even entered one of her quilts into a quilt show without her knowing.  She doesn't like the type of thing and when we walked in, there it was, with a big fat blue ribbon.  Here is the project she showed me Saturday, something she just whipped together.  
Here's the pattern if you feel as if you would like to try and whip it together as well. 
Pattern by Rebecca Morganson from Stitches & Sew Forth

Friday, March 8, 2013

Frozen Fish Pond...

I've been anticipating going back to the river trails I found since the minute I had to turn around and come home Tuesday.  Work has been so crazy that I never had the time.  I found myself driving home from work when it was already getting dark.  Something is seriously wrong with going to work in the dark and coming home in the dark.  That being said, waiting until tonight to go made it so Chris could come, which is always a huge plus in my book, even if it is drizzling. 
 While we were walking we found all sorts of tracks.  Chris had me running over to see this huge, dog track. While we were pretending it was something way scarier we found our way to a great fishing pond.  This is the part of the post where I tell how much I need to get a fishing pole. I'm just reiterating here, don't mind me. 
Chris was struggling with the camera settings while I was stuck in the mud.  I'm yelling, "your the one who taught me to use the thing, turn up the ISO."  He's yelling, "Hold your horses woman."  He thinks horse puns are funny when I'm wearing my cowboy boots.  I think he's just jealous. 
 And then there was the river.  I think I've done enough reiterating for one day, so I'll leave you with that. 

Over & Out

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Put one foot in front of the other...

I was out walking today and tried my hardest not to go straight to the river.  I decided to try and explore the area near Jordanelle Reservoir.  I ended up parking just below the dam.  Since there was no dam parking lot, I just sort of jimmy rigged my car in some dam mud and started walking down the dam road.  Perhaps my puns illustrate how un-impressed I was with my walk   In the distance I could see a red barn and made myself keep walking until I at least I could get a good look.
 Except when I got to the barn, there was a dirt road that looked way too inviting.
 Plus, this sign got me.  I seriously need to take up fishing.  It's pretty much the only thing I think about on these walks. 
 Bam! I found the river.  I learned along the way that the area near the river is called the Riparian Zone.  This zone only takes up 2% of Utah, yet 80% of wildlife use Riparian Zone's sometime in their cycle of life. I personally feel a part of this 80% since we moved here.  

 There you have it, my walk that wasn't supposed to be by the river.  I've decided I'm not trying to be cool and pretend I'm not obsessed.  I'm going back tomorrow because it started to get dark and I had walk clear back up the dam road.  Plus, the trail I want to try requires my snow boots, some areas just weren't conductive to my sneaks. 

Monday, March 4, 2013

I'd rather not have to think of a title right now...

This weekend we helped Chris's mom move to American Fork.  She moved here from New Hampshire a few months a go, but just found a long term living arrangement.  We also went to my new nephew's baby blessing.  A great weekend with family!
On the other hand, or on the same hand.  I've never understood that phrase.  Chris and I went to Costco.  Ask me if they had all their camping stuff out?  They totally had all their camping stuff out.  Since we couldn't splurge on any fun outdoors gear, Chris let me get the last Twilight movie on DVD.  Don't let him kid you, he wanted to watch it too.  I'm team Jacob.  Chris refuses to choose a team.  I'm also team Damon on Vampire Diaries.  Stop throwing up that I just said team Damon. Where was I going with this?  Oh yeah, the new movie got me excited for Stephanie Meyer's new movie based on her book The Host.  Today after work I made good use of my library card and went and got the book!  I can't believe I haven't read it.  

I'm leaving you with this picture Chris took when I dropped him off in Salt Lake to go to dinner with some friends.  We had just started dating and I simply didn't know how to explain him, us, all that stuff, so I just dropped him off with a camera and picked him up after dinner.  This picture is proof that there is in fact modern day miracles.  

Cue abrupt ending...

Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Tate Barn...

Charleston, near Deer Creek Reservoir is one of my favorite places to go for walks.  Our apartment is near a pretty blah looking hill, a busy highway, and subdivisions.  I prefer to soak up some of the Heber Valley's amazing views while I walk, so it's worth a bit of a drive.  My most recent find is the Tate Barn, along the turn to Solider Hollow Golf Course.   This spot was the site of an old dairy farm built by Francis Tate, an emigrant who came to this valley in 1902.  It's since been re-built with similar architecture.

The cool part about this post is that I have a nephew named Tate (thank goodness not Francis); who, if I know his parents (Sisterville & Corn-chopper) he will most likely have some sort of barn when he grows up.  Perhaps I'm reaching too far for a parallel, but that's all I could think about when I was photographing this place.