Monday, March 25, 2013

My head won't let me think of a title...

I'm 112% sure I will regret not learning how to ski this winter.  I'm trying to live by the "life is long and you don't have to do everything at once not matter how much it costs" notion.  My brain always wants to live by the notion, "do it right now or you never will."
Chris and I did get to go night sledding at Soldier Hollow Golf Course.  It had been raining and the resort was complete ice, workers advising to take things with a bit more caution. First run, Chris and I caught too much air.  He pulled my tube out from under me.  Knocked me right out, after gaining full use of my body parts we continued despite injury.  I'd just like to state for the record now, despite my love for my husband, I will never, under no conditions, fly down a ice hill with him again.
I continue my long walks by the river, without as many pictures.  This particular day I drug Chris for over two hours.  We walked the entire length to the damn, only running into two fisherman.  
Chris isn't much for sitting by the river, but I took this when he wasn't looking.  I'm more for full fledged lay out.  I'd still be there if I thought my bills would pay themselves. 
The forest service has done a real nice job creating these little walk ways through, what I like to call, the bayou.  I feel like I have to get all my walks in before all this stagnant water fills up with mosquito's.
 Despite walking and my near death sledding incident, Chris took me to Hires Big H.  I've been wanting to eat there since Mitt Romney stopped there on his campaign trail.  I got the mushroom burger and Chris got the one with onions.  Best burger I've ever eaten.  That being said, I'm not really a burger girl.  I usually go for the chicken something or other when it comes to fast food.  As my brother always says, "You are what you eat."  He won't eat chicken.  Weirdo!
After we scarfed down Rom's favorite burg, we headed to the Utah gymnastics meet.  I got tickets because I thought it would calm my craving for SUU gymnastics.  I love watching gymnastics, but still find myself longing for the SUU Spectrum, where everything is much closer and way more exciting.  We'll see if I become a season ticket holder.  
I believe my recap of Chris and I's solo time had been fully portrayed.  I wish I  had pictures to blog about our fondue party invitation by our real friends in our ward.  We have friends.  Also, BF Kate from High School invited us to Comedy Sportz in Provo, cue awesome double date here.  Last, but not least, lots of BYU baseball about to happen with my neph Hayden that I haven't even talked about.  I can't wait to upload every single roster that showed his name starting as a little freshy at BYU. Until next time....


  1. Um..are you wearing your boots in these photos? What kind of walking shoes are boots? :)

  2. you have to remember Lindsey, she is 100% hillbilly! you should see what she wears to wal-mart! haha