Thursday, March 21, 2013

Where are we going to go....

I don’t think I’ve fully confessed on this blog that Chris and I are moving at the end of
April. Even though most of our friends and family know, it’s something I’m having
a hard time actually believing is real. We love Heber. I’ve become a real life adult in
Heber, with a husband and everything. To make a long story short, Heber only has two
apartment complexes. One is subsidized and the other is the one we live in. They were
just finishing building our complex when we moved in, so we got the first 13 months
at a discounted rate. A simple case of supply and demand and we are moving out once
our discounted rate ends. There’s not reason to pay the rate they are asking (we can't afford it.)
 Last month, we gave our 60 day notice and ever since I’ve been freaking out about where the best
spot for us to go is. Chris will graduate school in August and my job is in Park City.
There are still so many unknowns with his job opportunities once he graduates. My day planner of a brain
hesitates signing a contract somewhere when everything this next year seems so up in the
air. My thought process continues to run through the options.

-Cheap rent to save for a home
-Close to family, both our families since C’s mom just moved to AF
-More job opportunities for C. when he graduates
-No commute for Chris with school
-Summer activities with my family – camping will be a lot closer
-Never thought I’d live there unless I was in school
-Further commute for my job- through two rough canyons

-Easier commute for me
-Job opportunities for Chris
-Cheaper rent than Heber
-Further from family, but still close enough I can’t sleep in Salem on Christmas Eve
-Let me state this one more time, CITY!

-We love Heber
-Great Ward/Great Friends
-Beautiful place to live/enjoy the outdoor life
-Great commute for me
-C has long commute
-No jobs in Heber for C so he will have to commute
-No places to rent or super high rent

-Three couples in our ward bought nice trailers, living at RV park
-Save tons of money
-Trailer non-permanent until we figure everything out
-We don’t own anything that can pull a trailer
-Living in a trailer would stink
-Oh and we don’t own a trailer

This list was more for me than you.  In the end we will probably end up in Orem, 
in close proximity to the canyon to ease mycommute. I always thought 
decisions would be easier once you were married, but I find
the annoyance of change the same. It’s still hard. It’s still the thing that helps us grow.

I live you with one of my favorite pictures.  My favorite thing to do when theirs decisions to be made - think of Christmas!

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  1. I wish I wasn't leaving Orem a month after you get here! Sorry that decisions are so tough. I am so not excited about packing and moving everything! Good luck! Hope you find a decent place to live.