Saturday, April 13, 2013

Deer Creek Reservoir Stroll....

 I'll admit we haven't spent very much time at the two lake's that surround us.  I've never been a big swimmer or water girl.  Neither Chris or I had a boat growing up, so when we walked around Deer Creek Reservoir I sort of felt bad we haven't taken more time at the lake. 
The Heber Creeper railroad track runs along the side of the lake.  We found some really great flat rocks and skipped them across the rough water as the wind practically blew us over.  
Chris and I spend a good deal of time before bed each night talking.  However, lately we've both been running in opposite directions.  A good walk always helps us catch up.  No pressure to get everything out in a certain amount time before he has homework, or I'm ready for bed.  We just walk, talk and laugh, something I appreciate more and more as we've gotten too busy lately. 
Oh yes, I must not forget the good half hour we spent seeing how close these little varmints would let us get before they ran in their hole.  Guess you had to be there. 

Sunday, April 7, 2013

A Chair Makeover...

Ever since my first chair project, which you can see here.  I've been busy working on other similar projects.  It's become sort of therapeutic after long, stressful days at work.  This is a kids chair my mom bought at a yard sale in Phoenix for about $3.  All she asked is that I paint it red for her.
All my tools are seen below.  I always forget to get a proper paint tray every time I go to Home Depot. I bought a number of these throw away casserole dishes at the dollar store.  They work perfectly fine and I'm sure much cheaper.  I just toss them when I'm done.  I prefer foam rolling the entire thing.  If there are spots I can't get, I just use a foam craft brush.  I hate using cheap paint brushes, and if I invested in a good brush I'd have to clean it.  Once again, I just toss the brushes.  No cleanup required.
The paint associate did a great job trying to sale me gray primer.  I figured I didn't need it because it was just a small chair.  I probably put seven coats of paint on this bad boy.  Note to self: buy the dang primer. 
I got it all painted and was bummed.  It didn't look all that exciting.  So I got out my Cricut - Accent Essentials Cartridge. I was thinking if I could get a good idea for a flower, I could possible hand draw something amazing. 
 Then I quickly remembered I could just make a stencil. Duh!  Don't be surprised if you come over and entire house has been stenciled with Cricut shapes.  This was seriously so fun!
 Notice how my entire stencil is gray and the dot is yellow.  I had cut out everything in gray and somehow lost that stupid tiny circle. After searching forever, I had to re-cut the entire flower just for the circle. How annoying is that? Anyway, then just a little white spray paint and SHAZAM!
Two chairs and one table coming up next....

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

My Sisters Kids...

Last week I went to Sisterville's house to hang out and we took pictures of her baby.  The last time we took pictures of her baby, he fit in this basket. 
Now he's big and looks at us like we're crazy.  We laid on the floor laughing for five minutes when we saw this shot.  We'd been trying to tell him to smile for at least an hour.  I believed Sisterville had just bribed the older tot with a "chepsi."  The light plug also really adds to this photo.  It was also at this point that we gave up. 
Turns out we did get a few one.  Check out that smile. 
Can't wait to go camping with these guys this summer.  You don't even know, it's the only thing I think about. 

Monday, April 1, 2013

Maternity Photography...

A new leap in my photography endeavors, a maternity session.  Isn't the light amazing in this picture.  I can't believe it's spring.   I've come out of hibernation.  The weather even permitting short sleeves, while the sun is half way down.  An amazing event up here in the snow village. Also in photography news, I've started planning for an upcoming wedding.  I'm shooting the entire event and I can hardly wait.  Check out more maternity pictures on my photography blog.

Dutch Hollow Trail....

I've been wanting to hike Dutch Hollow Trail above Midway for a few months.  Except that the forest service locked the gate for the winter until a week a go, and I am way too much of a wuss to jump the fence. I started off a bit disappointed, large amounts of sage brush doesn't really float my boat, make my clock tick, tickle my pickle, you get the gist. 
I figured I had to get to higher ground, which involved about two hours of hiking.  Which I quite enjoyed since I had a full paid day off.  However, forgetting a hair tie is about the stupidest thing that's ever happened to me.  I don't go anywhere without a hair tie.  How I ended up on a three hour hike without one is still blowing my mind
The view from the top made up for lack of hair tie. I walked the entire trail across the top to soak up every direction.  I think I'll bring Chris when I decide to try out Burnt Ridge Boneyard.  
I know for a fact that I'll be going back at least once a week until we move.  Chris doesn't like me to go too far and too high when he doesn't know where I am, especially without service.  There are still so many of those big hills to explore.  Oh yeah, all above photo's were taken with my phone.  I've taken up carrying the phone instead of lugging the big camera.  Can't say I regret it one bit.