Sunday, April 7, 2013

A Chair Makeover...

Ever since my first chair project, which you can see here.  I've been busy working on other similar projects.  It's become sort of therapeutic after long, stressful days at work.  This is a kids chair my mom bought at a yard sale in Phoenix for about $3.  All she asked is that I paint it red for her.
All my tools are seen below.  I always forget to get a proper paint tray every time I go to Home Depot. I bought a number of these throw away casserole dishes at the dollar store.  They work perfectly fine and I'm sure much cheaper.  I just toss them when I'm done.  I prefer foam rolling the entire thing.  If there are spots I can't get, I just use a foam craft brush.  I hate using cheap paint brushes, and if I invested in a good brush I'd have to clean it.  Once again, I just toss the brushes.  No cleanup required.
The paint associate did a great job trying to sale me gray primer.  I figured I didn't need it because it was just a small chair.  I probably put seven coats of paint on this bad boy.  Note to self: buy the dang primer. 
I got it all painted and was bummed.  It didn't look all that exciting.  So I got out my Cricut - Accent Essentials Cartridge. I was thinking if I could get a good idea for a flower, I could possible hand draw something amazing. 
 Then I quickly remembered I could just make a stencil. Duh!  Don't be surprised if you come over and entire house has been stenciled with Cricut shapes.  This was seriously so fun!
 Notice how my entire stencil is gray and the dot is yellow.  I had cut out everything in gray and somehow lost that stupid tiny circle. After searching forever, I had to re-cut the entire flower just for the circle. How annoying is that? Anyway, then just a little white spray paint and SHAZAM!
Two chairs and one table coming up next....

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