Saturday, April 13, 2013

Deer Creek Reservoir Stroll....

 I'll admit we haven't spent very much time at the two lake's that surround us.  I've never been a big swimmer or water girl.  Neither Chris or I had a boat growing up, so when we walked around Deer Creek Reservoir I sort of felt bad we haven't taken more time at the lake. 
The Heber Creeper railroad track runs along the side of the lake.  We found some really great flat rocks and skipped them across the rough water as the wind practically blew us over.  
Chris and I spend a good deal of time before bed each night talking.  However, lately we've both been running in opposite directions.  A good walk always helps us catch up.  No pressure to get everything out in a certain amount time before he has homework, or I'm ready for bed.  We just walk, talk and laugh, something I appreciate more and more as we've gotten too busy lately. 
Oh yes, I must not forget the good half hour we spent seeing how close these little varmints would let us get before they ran in their hole.  Guess you had to be there. 

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