Saturday, June 1, 2013

Rock Canyon Park...

One of the things I thought I'd miss most about Heber was the great places to go for a walk/hike.  As a result of Chris's night classes, I had a lot of extra time alone up there. I have no clue why I had those thoughts.  First, I still drive to Park City everyday so I can stop anywhere on the way home.  Second, there are so many great places in the valley.  

When Chris and I were dating we went to Rock Canyon Park quit a bit.  There is some great trails up the canyon and we loved learning to take pictures in manual mode with my camera, hiking and talking for hours.  It was there that we first spoke about a future together, etc.  Memories only significant to us of course....
 Chris's photo's from our trip back this week.  The only thing I didn't remember is how steep it was, and by steep I mean - only if your pregnant, constantly on the verge of puking and laid on the couch everyday after work for the last two months.  Than your walk might be a bit strenuous, for everyone else it will be a nice afternoon stroll.

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