Saturday, June 22, 2013

The end is near...

There was this one time when I first met Chris that I figured him a slacker. 
A complete slacker actually.
I knew he hadn't been in school for a few years, but whenever we spoke he always told me he would finish.
All the sudden I started to actually like him and so I put on a little pressure. 
Perhaps that's an understatement, it was more like an ultimatum. 
Summer 2011 he was re-admitted to UVU. 
I've been saving these pictures ever since.
Tonight this guy aced his accounting test!
I couldn't wait sharing them a moment longer. 
He's actually going to graduate in August and only has two seconds of real school left. Holy crack!
Other than some help in English 2020, this guy hasn't asked for a lick of help since. 
He's a natural student. 
Working at his dream internship this summer. 
 This might have been our first ever picture together. 
The start of something great!
Wouldn't you agree?

Post edit - Chris would like everyone to know that this letter was not a surprise, that everyone gets into UVU, and he has no idea why we took pictures. Funny though!

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