Friday, June 21, 2013

Ways we are different...

The Pioneer Woman did a little gig on her blog listing the ways her and her husband were different. I thought I'd be a copy cat....

1. C reads manuals and books with actual informational text.  I only like to read for fun, the less brain power exerted the better.

2.  C will eat anything but raisins.  I will eat anything but, raising, onions, water chestnuts, meatloaf, and any casserole my mom makes containing any concoction of those ingredients.

3.   C has watched R-rate movies in his life, a lot.  I've only seen two.  Once in which is Pretty Woman, and the other in which I really wanted to see because I read the book, so C volunteered to watch it with me.  He covered my eyes and fast forwarded through the naughty parts for me.  P.S. Totally not worth it. P.S.S. C doesn't watch them anymore either. 

4.  C likes sushi.  I hate sushi.

5.  C takes extremely long showers, washing and re-washing every body part.  On the other hand, could easily win the fastest shower competition.

6.  C likes to stay up late and sleep in late.  I fall asleep early (despite my best efforts) and wake up early (also despite my best efforts). 

Side note: The other day I told C-man we needed a family motto.  He asked what I had in mind and I said, “The Bates family gets up early and gets shiz done.”  He fell back asleep before responding….

7.  C wants a dog.  I prefer not having to take care of something morning and night. Been there, done that,

8.   C wants our boys to be “ballers.” I want all our kids to by gymnasts and compete in the Olympics, since it’s my favorite sport to watch.  Now I'm hoping their a sort of strange mix so we can create the “Bates Globe Trotters.”

9.  C hates yard work and usually ends up sneezing the entire time.  I actually quite enjoy yard work (you just wait until I blog about my garden.)

10.   C likes Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup milk shakes. I like mint Oreo milkshakes. This makes it really hard to share.

11.   C knows how to drive in the city, do city thing, and find city places.  For me, the less stop lights the better.

12.   C talks to his family occasionally, with good long chats. I talk to Sisterville every day, sometimes twice, or maybe even more.

13.   C doesn't like his clothes to touch the floor.  My clothes have magnets inside them that naturally attract them there.  

14.   C drinks a lot of caffeinated beverages.  I prefer no caffeine in my beverage.

15.   C is good and being really sweet all the time.  I’m really good at saying sorry after I freak out. 

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