Monday, July 29, 2013

Morning Pep Talks...

I've been giving myself quite a few pep talks every morning.  Man, I've been seriously unmotivated to get myself out of bed and moving.  My pep talks are usually just a bunch of crazy calculations in my brain trying to figure how many five day work weeks I have until the baby comes, or I just simply plan out my paid time off.  It's a horrible use of my brain power, but sometimes it's the only thing that can get this girl get out of bed at the crack of dawn for her hour commute.  Along with my calculations, I've also bought some good sugared cereal to get me rolling in the morning.  Nothing worse than rolling over in the dark to see the alarm going off, but then I suddenly realize I get to eat Fruit Loops for breakfast and I still push snooze, but maybe just not as many times.  It's all in my head....

My grandma once told me that she heard the quote, "mind over mattress" and that's always made her move the covers.  This quote came with a really good story about her hating to move cattle to the pasture as a young girl. 

One of my favorite LDS speakers Jack R. Christianson once said, "have enough faith to move your covers." 

Clearly my tactics don't have quite the ring to them that my wise elders do, "think of your days off and buy sugared cereal."

Either way I've got two more official work days ahead of me and then I'm over and out on a camping trip. Good grief it couldn't have came soon enough!

How do you get rolling in the morning?  

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Just a few things...

- The other night I had a dream that I was in labor.  I woke up and thought I was in labor and had 
a panic attack.  Not that my baby would be born 4 months early, just that I wouldn’t get to take 
the whole month of December off and sit by the Christmas tree with the my little boy.  

- Chris has been working so hard at his internship this summer.  We are going camping with my 
family next week on Thursday and Friday.  It will be the only two days off that poor guy has this 
whole summer. 

- Feeling a baby move inside you is one of the most insane feelings.  Throughout the first 
trimester, I was pretty sure pregnancy was by far the worst thing that could have ever happened 
to anyone.  It was miserable.  Lately, I take back that thought.  I’m coming to enjoy the whole thing.

- Work has had its own set of difficulties lately.  I think the experiences are a bit too fresh to 
laugh off just yet.   That being said, when bad things happen BIG opportunities are also created.  
I’m torn in so many directions lately, but my mind is always quickly drawn to being a mom.  
Motherhood was never something I daydreamed about so the thought sort of consumes me. 

- I love our little house.  Chris and I sit on the porch at night.  It’s so hot inside with no air 
conditioning.  We've really eliminated a lot of TV in our lives with no cable, something I’m quite 
happy about. 

- I'm pretty excited about August.  We have a lot of fun things planned. My mind can't help but think
as soon as August is over, than it's fall and my baby will come soon after. 

Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Bates Garden

These are the pickings of the day from our small 3'x10' garden.

This whole garden thing is new to me.  We never had a garden growing up in Virginia.  I'm pretty dang happy I married a Country Bumpkin that knows how to garden.  Danielle always talks about her gardening days with her family.  I'm pretty sure the Hanks family would go out back and sing while working in the garden.  From what Danielle tells me, her brother Nick has a "pretty voice", so I could imagine him starting the song off..."inch by inch, row by row, gonna make this garden grow...". Nancy would probably be clogging on the sidewalk through the first verse of the song and then they all join in with Nick at the chorus.  You have to hear the song to imagine this scenario with me...

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Apple Cider Vinegar & My Shower...

Our new house is quite the old house.  Despite it's quirks I love it.  I also love not having to carry our groceries up four flights of stairs.  That being said, there was some things that really bothered me at first.  Our bathroom, no matter how much I scrub, never looks clean.  The hard water on our shower head left little to be desired. 
My mother parental suggested I take a bag of Apple Cider Vinegar and soak that baby.  I left it on about a half hour while I cleaned the kitchen. Any elastic will do, but I prefer a perfectly good hair tie since it was already on the edge of the tub.
Bam! Problem solved.  It also sprays better too. 

Monday, July 15, 2013

GIF Action...

Chris made this GIF of Sisterville and my father parental being weirdo's on our camp out.  Great to have Chris see the fun side of my dad.  Please bless they don't oust him from the family after this.   

Scofield Utah Cemetery...

When we went camping over the 4th of July, Sisterville naturally took us to check out the Scofield Cemetery.  The ranch we stayed on is located in Winters Quarters Canyon.  In 1900 this canyon had one of the largest coal mining accidents in U.S. History.  In  nearly one day, 200 plus men died in a mining explosion.  Many from European decent, whose families couldn't afford to have their bodies shipped elsewhere, were buried here in this cemetery. 
Most graves were too rotten and gone to see.  A special few preserved well.  All with the same death date May 1, 1900.
 My eye drawn in particular to the locks and iron gates surrounding certain families.  Perhaps the key to this gate is long gone.
 I did a bit of research on the Stewart Iron Works Company - been in business since 1862, well before the explosion.  Still specializing in similar iron works. 
 Another surprise was all the children buried here.  Child birth had it's own heartache at that time.  Can't imagine losing both husband and child.  Miners knew the importance of families; therefore, the day of the explosion it wasn't uncommon to lose more than just a husband, but maybe a father and brother too.  
 The real reason I got interested in the mining explosion was this book.  My mother parental is a reader, always passing along the best.  I'd read two others by this author and enjoyed them.  I'm not usually one for Mormon romance, but I do enjoy historical fiction.  This book is all about a school teacher who goes to Winter Quarters Canyon and finds herself in love with a miner.  It also explains the tragedy in further detail. 
On a lighter note, the book is only $8 on Amazon. 

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Kitchen Table Re-do...

We haven't had a spot for a kitchen table and chairs since we've been married.  Our new house provided such a space and the parentals generously picked this one up on my behalf.  They bought the table for $50 at a yard sale and the paint cost me about $25, using leftover primer.  I really like painting stuff, but I was so sick the first couple months of pregnancy that it never happened.  So glad I finally got the time and energy.  It adds a little bright spot to our kitchen. 
 Our table runner is an Anthro splurge Chris bought me for Christmas.  I haven't had a spot to put it until now.  

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A Bates Boy...

We had our 20 week ultrasound appointment today. 
What an amazing experience. 
I realize babies are born everyday, but today really just hit me hard. 
I loved seeing his beating heart.  My blood flowing through his. 
Chris was so anxious before, wide eyed the entire time.  It started to make me nervous.
 He squeezed my leg when the gender was revealed.
All along I've thought it was a boy, but didn't feel any parental instinct. 
Our little Bates boy makes 12 grandsons on the Hanks side, with only four nieces.
Furthermore, on the Bates side it makes eight grandsons, with only one niece.
I guess we specialize in boys. 
Love our little guy already. 
Strangest and yet best feeling in the world. 
There's a reason God makes families. 
There's a reason this guy is being sent to us. 
Can't wait to see him in real life. 
I'm already obsessed just looking at him on the screen. 

Scofield Camping Trip...

Over the 4th we went camping.  My brother in laws family has a ranch in Scofield canyon.  We had such a great time.  It seems I only took photo's of us riding horses.  Go figure!  Landon even brought his pony. 
 The cabin in close proximity.  So nice to have a bit of indoor plumbing. 
Chris won't ride any horse, but Sugar.  Landon had to give the pony a break and soon found himself on another horse.  This kid was born 100 years too late. 
 The boys went to doctor some cattle across a small creek. 

 The town of Scofield had a small parade Saturday morning.  I'm not usually one for parades, but this one was perfect.  Only 20 minutes long, tons of candy throwing, and good set of bag pipes. 
 There is so much mining history in the area.  Long rides with my dad to see much of the area. This particular mining track no longer in use.  Dad pulled over begging for Nancy to walk across and for me to snap a photo.  They both chickened out, but had me laughing my head off. 

Doesn't this last one make it look like she was a lot higher than she really was. 
Good times had by all.