Sunday, July 28, 2013

Just a few things...

- The other night I had a dream that I was in labor.  I woke up and thought I was in labor and had 
a panic attack.  Not that my baby would be born 4 months early, just that I wouldn’t get to take 
the whole month of December off and sit by the Christmas tree with the my little boy.  

- Chris has been working so hard at his internship this summer.  We are going camping with my 
family next week on Thursday and Friday.  It will be the only two days off that poor guy has this 
whole summer. 

- Feeling a baby move inside you is one of the most insane feelings.  Throughout the first 
trimester, I was pretty sure pregnancy was by far the worst thing that could have ever happened 
to anyone.  It was miserable.  Lately, I take back that thought.  I’m coming to enjoy the whole thing.

- Work has had its own set of difficulties lately.  I think the experiences are a bit too fresh to 
laugh off just yet.   That being said, when bad things happen BIG opportunities are also created.  
I’m torn in so many directions lately, but my mind is always quickly drawn to being a mom.  
Motherhood was never something I daydreamed about so the thought sort of consumes me. 

- I love our little house.  Chris and I sit on the porch at night.  It’s so hot inside with no air 
conditioning.  We've really eliminated a lot of TV in our lives with no cable, something I’m quite 
happy about. 

- I'm pretty excited about August.  We have a lot of fun things planned. My mind can't help but think
as soon as August is over, than it's fall and my baby will come soon after. 

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