Monday, July 29, 2013

Morning Pep Talks...

I've been giving myself quite a few pep talks every morning.  Man, I've been seriously unmotivated to get myself out of bed and moving.  My pep talks are usually just a bunch of crazy calculations in my brain trying to figure how many five day work weeks I have until the baby comes, or I just simply plan out my paid time off.  It's a horrible use of my brain power, but sometimes it's the only thing that can get this girl get out of bed at the crack of dawn for her hour commute.  Along with my calculations, I've also bought some good sugared cereal to get me rolling in the morning.  Nothing worse than rolling over in the dark to see the alarm going off, but then I suddenly realize I get to eat Fruit Loops for breakfast and I still push snooze, but maybe just not as many times.  It's all in my head....

My grandma once told me that she heard the quote, "mind over mattress" and that's always made her move the covers.  This quote came with a really good story about her hating to move cattle to the pasture as a young girl. 

One of my favorite LDS speakers Jack R. Christianson once said, "have enough faith to move your covers." 

Clearly my tactics don't have quite the ring to them that my wise elders do, "think of your days off and buy sugared cereal."

Either way I've got two more official work days ahead of me and then I'm over and out on a camping trip. Good grief it couldn't have came soon enough!

How do you get rolling in the morning?  

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  1. A 2 year old jumping on me gets me rolling in the morning. Or maybe it's really the bag of brown licorice that is always in my cupboard.

    Bytheway. . . Chris was in one of my dreams again. . . don't worry, you were there this time. Funny though. We were on lock down in Days Market because someone stole something so we were all getting the pat down. Chris looked at you and said, "Honey I got a job." Then he started crying which made you start crying. I finally asked what the job was and he told me he was designing strategies for models on applying their lipstick. Go figure!

    Happy pregnancy! And happy camping!