Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Scofield Camping Trip...

Over the 4th we went camping.  My brother in laws family has a ranch in Scofield canyon.  We had such a great time.  It seems I only took photo's of us riding horses.  Go figure!  Landon even brought his pony. 
 The cabin in close proximity.  So nice to have a bit of indoor plumbing. 
Chris won't ride any horse, but Sugar.  Landon had to give the pony a break and soon found himself on another horse.  This kid was born 100 years too late. 
 The boys went to doctor some cattle across a small creek. 

 The town of Scofield had a small parade Saturday morning.  I'm not usually one for parades, but this one was perfect.  Only 20 minutes long, tons of candy throwing, and good set of bag pipes. 
 There is so much mining history in the area.  Long rides with my dad to see much of the area. This particular mining track no longer in use.  Dad pulled over begging for Nancy to walk across and for me to snap a photo.  They both chickened out, but had me laughing my head off. 

Doesn't this last one make it look like she was a lot higher than she really was. 
Good times had by all. 

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