Monday, July 15, 2013

Scofield Utah Cemetery...

When we went camping over the 4th of July, Sisterville naturally took us to check out the Scofield Cemetery.  The ranch we stayed on is located in Winters Quarters Canyon.  In 1900 this canyon had one of the largest coal mining accidents in U.S. History.  In  nearly one day, 200 plus men died in a mining explosion.  Many from European decent, whose families couldn't afford to have their bodies shipped elsewhere, were buried here in this cemetery. 
Most graves were too rotten and gone to see.  A special few preserved well.  All with the same death date May 1, 1900.
 My eye drawn in particular to the locks and iron gates surrounding certain families.  Perhaps the key to this gate is long gone.
 I did a bit of research on the Stewart Iron Works Company - been in business since 1862, well before the explosion.  Still specializing in similar iron works. 
 Another surprise was all the children buried here.  Child birth had it's own heartache at that time.  Can't imagine losing both husband and child.  Miners knew the importance of families; therefore, the day of the explosion it wasn't uncommon to lose more than just a husband, but maybe a father and brother too.  
 The real reason I got interested in the mining explosion was this book.  My mother parental is a reader, always passing along the best.  I'd read two others by this author and enjoyed them.  I'm not usually one for Mormon romance, but I do enjoy historical fiction.  This book is all about a school teacher who goes to Winter Quarters Canyon and finds herself in love with a miner.  It also explains the tragedy in further detail. 
On a lighter note, the book is only $8 on Amazon. 

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