Sunday, September 22, 2013

Baby Bates It's Cold Outside....

Chris and I are currently in a transition.  I guess that's what will call it.  We don't know a lot of what the future will bring.  I'm actually used to this since change is my thing.  We're on our third apartment in a year and half. I've decided to embrace whatever happens to us in the next couple months.  The only thing we do know is my stomach is getting bigger and bigger and this guy is coming our way.  There's always a good constant in the mix of life.  That being said, I have exactly two things I am excited to buy for this little guy. 

1. Coat
2. Christmas Eve Pajamas

I've been looking all over for a good coat.  I thought I found one this weekend on the New Zara Mini.  Then I remembered the thing I hate about myself the most. I have expensive taste.  Why the crap is a newborn coat 50 bones?  Either way it's stinking cute huh.  

1 comment :

  1. That is a very cute coat! We always buy everything a size bigger than Jo needs then she can wear it longer and get use out of it. Otherwise its kinda lame paying that much! BUT It is very, very cute!