Thursday, September 12, 2013

Our child may never get a name....

The two most common questions I get being pregnant are...
What are you having?
What are you going to name it?

I've talked about my anxiety about telling names before.  I've also talked about how I panic that people think I'm trying to be secretive.  I'm not.  I literally have no idea what this baby's name will be.  Furthermore, I've talked about possibilities and names so much that Chris is no longer participating.  He said we can start talking about it again two weeks before he comes. 

Good grief people what am I going to name this little boy?

Last night I made a list of all the names I like.  Then I had Chris cross off any that were an absolute no.  Each week until the baby comes we are going to continue to cross off names.  We might be adding some too.  I thought I'd share here for your reference. 
If you have something to add to list people do tell. 
Also if you hate some of them on our list, please do not tell. 
Last, but not least, if your child's name is on here don't be offended that I like it.


  1. Why is Charlie in there twice? And I am pretty sure Jed's middle name is Paxton and Amanda has laid claim to that name years ago. If that matters. Ps I like Easton

  2. You will know when you know! Every class and every scout troop has several boys with the same given name. Both my grandfathers were named Grady and they were born in different states. You choose the name that matches your fella and he will make it his.