Saturday, October 26, 2013

Baby Bates Baby Shower...

I am sick inside because I didn't take one picture at my first baby shower.  It was AMAZING! I am still overwhelmed at the generosity of my sisters, sister-in-laws, my mom, Chris's mom, my dad's sisters, and so many good friends.  The gifts were so well thought of and generous.  I have laid in bed and been literally overwhelmed with gratitude for that afternoon.

Luckily I had another baby shower.  Thrown by my awesome friends Jenny and Whitney.  I met Jen and Whit when I lived in New York.  I lived with both in Provo and some of my best memories come from being with these two. 
Back in the day. Jenny above. Whitney below.
These girls invited all our New York friends to celebrate my baby boy.  I was thrilled to see everyone!!! Some I hadn't seen for over five years and it was just like where we left off.  Most of them have babies of their own and relished all the good advice.
2013 Above. 2006 Below.
New York was one of the best decisions I ever made.  So grateful for a group of girls who have their priorities straight.  There isn't one of us who hasn't married in the temple or been changed by our experiences out there.  I'm telling you, absolutely amazing!

I turned 27 years old...

I haven't had the time energy to write about my birthday until now.  I had to work that day and no one at work knew it was my birthday.  I sort of liked that.  No big hoopla, plus my job isn't one where everyone really hangs out and celebrates things like that.  Truth be told, half the people don't even like each other.  

I came home from work and my mom had brought me Sweet Tooth Fairy Cupcakes.  So I ate a bite of one, but Chris made me save my appetite for dinner.  Go figure.  We loaded in the car and he bought me some new work shoes and socks.  That was all I wanted.  He then took me to California Pizza Chicken for dinner. You might be wondering why he chose that spot.  When we were dating, I loved eating there, so I could get their Cobb Salad.  Turns out, I have since learned that a Cobb Salad is pretty much a staple at any restaurant. That's what I get for growing up in Salem.  You don't learn about things like Cobb Salad until you move to the big city and marry a city boy. My first trimester I had a Cobb with too much feta cheese and it sort of got to me.  Therefore, I steered clear of my usual Cobb on my birthday.  Turns out the food at CPK isn't that good.  It was a nice time being out with Chris through. 

After dinner my request was to go home and watch a movie in bed. We busted out my cupcakes in bed and I made Chris snap a quick picture of me on my birthday.  See 2011 and 2012.  Chris knew I'd be out before the previews even started so he just turned on his Downton Abbey season and I fell asleep.
 Which I was obviously thrilled about!
Two more pregnant pictures for you.  Can't you see it in my face?

35 Weeks....

So turns out this is the only pregnant picture of me I've taken.  It's from July around 18-20 weeks.  I realize it's sort of awful, but maybe I won't think so later in life.  Good news is, I'm still pregnant and might take one more, for posterity's sake.  The fact is, I'm not one for weekly mirror pictures.  Perhaps I'll regret that later, probably not though.  

It also turns out I’m not one for pregnancy posts all together.  Recently I've been writing a lot more in my journal and enjoy that I have some record week by week.  However, this entire pregnancy has been one word “tiresome.”  I stretch my energy on Saturday and Sunday mornings when I’m fresh.  However, no matter what list I try to accomplish during the week, I never feel like I can catch up on everything that I want to.

5:45 – 6:00 – Wake up and shower immediately.  I've tried showering at night, but struggle to stay awake on my hour commute to work.  I usually wake up right with my alarm.  My hips hurt when I wake up so I’m happy to be getting out of bed.

6:30 – Leave my house to work.  I usually listen to KSL until I get to Heber and then switch over to 97.1 ZHT.  I love good books on CD if anyone wants to donate to my cause.

7:30 – 10:30 – Morning work.  I really like this time at my job.  It gives me a chance to catch up on whatever I didn't finish from the day before.  There are not a lot of calls, other than stock quotes and such.  I research a lot of my own stock and I'm kind of obsessed with my own investing endeavors.

10:30 – I eat a snack.  This always consists on an apple and something else.  I wait all morning for my snack.  I've been so hungry the last couple weeks of pregnancy and LOVE apples.

10:30 – 1:00 – This is when work picks up and I’m usually pretty swamped. 

1:00 – Eat lunch at my desk.  I don’t go out for lunch because it’s usually an hour before market close and I’m in the middle of something.  We also have a lot of lunches brought into us.

1:30 – 3:30 – Things slow down and the brokers all start to trickle out the door.  This is usually when I start to get pretty cramped and I can feel like this little boy is telling me to stretch out.  I try and go for a walk around the building or take a small break.  The last two hours of work usually drag on for me. I’m ready to bust out the door when I’m off. 

3:30 – 4:30 – I drive home with a kicking little boy.  I try hard to lean the seat back while I talk to Sisterville on the phone.  This is by far my most uncomfortable part of the day. 

4:30 – 5:00 – I lay on my bed or couch and stretch out. Whenever I get home I try really hard to have a rest and let this guy have his space.  I usually read blogs or watch something on the Ipad.

5:00 – This is when I start to make dinner or cleanup around the house.  I try not to let myself lay around too long after I get home.  I start laundry, cleanup our bedroom or organize something.  This usually doesn't last long.  Chris is usually home for dinner or ready to hang out about 6:00.

6:00 – 8:30 – This is usually when I just spend time with Chris.  Lately we edit pictures or take pictures or talk about some aspect of photography.  We watch TV or go up to “our” park (Rock Canyon Park) and go for a walk.  Usually once or twice a week we have somewhere to go or be.  This is by far my favorite time of the day.

8:30 – I lay down to watch TV or read and quickly fall asleep.  I used to do this more on the couch, but lately I just go straight to bed.  I never mean to go to bed for the entire night but that’s usually what happens.  I sort of hate this because then I’m never fully prepared for the next day. 

That is my life right now. I won't say I have any pregnancy symptoms that make it so I can't do something, more that I'm just exhausted. I feel really large and I lack energy at the end of the day.  I am also craving a bit of exercise.  There is something awesome about feeling like you want to hike up a mountain.  Lately, I never feel that way, never ever. 

I am usually pretty stressed about the chores around my house.  There is always something that I’m stressing about cleaning up.  Chris thinks I’m OCD and I probably am.  However, even when he helps and does his best to chip in, sometimes I just find it easier to do it myself or I prefer doing it myself.  There are a few things I really want to complete before this guy gets here but at the end of the day they never seem to happen.  I’m leaning to be okay with that and the fact that being lazy is okay.

There you have it 35 weeks down, 5 more to go. 

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Penne Pasta Freezer Meal...

This week I swapped freezer meals with a group of friends.  I really love having freezer meals for easy access after a long day.  Since we had to make so many meals, I asked Chris to assist.  He basically just filmed me and laughed his butt off.  Thought I'd share this little tutorial here.  The recipe is delicious if anyone wants to try. 

Monday, October 14, 2013

Elizabeth Smart - My Story...

I read Elizabeth Smart's new book last week.  I downloaded it on our Ipad and finished it in two nights.  Since becoming pregnant I haven't stayed up past 10:00 in a very long time.  I found myself reading later and later, way past my bedtime.  It's that good.  What an amazing story. I highly recommend reading it.  I'd pause often and read different excerpts to Chris.  We'd then have a good discussion about the atonement, gratitude, or other aspects of the gospel.
Chris sat across from Elizabeth and her captures in Salt Lake on Trax one day.  He recalls being an arm reach away, but only thinking they were dressed as someone from another faith.  Later that same day, he was riding Trax back up toward the University of Utah and saw them again out the window, sitting on the lawn in front of KFC on 400 South.  Holy crud!
The biggest surprise of all, she's never gone through professional therapy throughout the whole ordeal.  Only letting the atonement heal all. This fact will be more shocking after you read the book.