Monday, October 14, 2013

Elizabeth Smart - My Story...

I read Elizabeth Smart's new book last week.  I downloaded it on our Ipad and finished it in two nights.  Since becoming pregnant I haven't stayed up past 10:00 in a very long time.  I found myself reading later and later, way past my bedtime.  It's that good.  What an amazing story. I highly recommend reading it.  I'd pause often and read different excerpts to Chris.  We'd then have a good discussion about the atonement, gratitude, or other aspects of the gospel.
Chris sat across from Elizabeth and her captures in Salt Lake on Trax one day.  He recalls being an arm reach away, but only thinking they were dressed as someone from another faith.  Later that same day, he was riding Trax back up toward the University of Utah and saw them again out the window, sitting on the lawn in front of KFC on 400 South.  Holy crud!
The biggest surprise of all, she's never gone through professional therapy throughout the whole ordeal.  Only letting the atonement heal all. This fact will be more shocking after you read the book. 


  1. My mother in law and sister in law just started reading this. I can't wait to start. Glad you liked it, and crazy that Chris saw them! - Remember when we were in St. George at Sunshine with my Mom and this was on the news. And then those boys from my ward came to visit but hid after they knocked and we were freaking out? haha! Good times.

    1. Oh my heck I remember this! So funny! We were totally like, "we are going to be the next Elizabeth Smart." What dorks we were. The good old days. But really you have to read it. You will be obsessed. I think I read it in two days. Can't wait!