Saturday, October 26, 2013

I turned 27 years old...

I haven't had the time energy to write about my birthday until now.  I had to work that day and no one at work knew it was my birthday.  I sort of liked that.  No big hoopla, plus my job isn't one where everyone really hangs out and celebrates things like that.  Truth be told, half the people don't even like each other.  

I came home from work and my mom had brought me Sweet Tooth Fairy Cupcakes.  So I ate a bite of one, but Chris made me save my appetite for dinner.  Go figure.  We loaded in the car and he bought me some new work shoes and socks.  That was all I wanted.  He then took me to California Pizza Chicken for dinner. You might be wondering why he chose that spot.  When we were dating, I loved eating there, so I could get their Cobb Salad.  Turns out, I have since learned that a Cobb Salad is pretty much a staple at any restaurant. That's what I get for growing up in Salem.  You don't learn about things like Cobb Salad until you move to the big city and marry a city boy. My first trimester I had a Cobb with too much feta cheese and it sort of got to me.  Therefore, I steered clear of my usual Cobb on my birthday.  Turns out the food at CPK isn't that good.  It was a nice time being out with Chris through. 

After dinner my request was to go home and watch a movie in bed. We busted out my cupcakes in bed and I made Chris snap a quick picture of me on my birthday.  See 2011 and 2012.  Chris knew I'd be out before the previews even started so he just turned on his Downton Abbey season and I fell asleep.
 Which I was obviously thrilled about!
Two more pregnant pictures for you.  Can't you see it in my face?

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