Friday, November 29, 2013

I'm still pregnant...

I'm still here alive and pregnant.  We celebrated Thanksgiving at the Bates household yesterday.  I felt a bit useless and I just had to sit there, since I'm still on bed rest.  Last night I had a few pains throughout the night.  I can really feel my body starting to change the last 24 hours.  No that doesn't necessarily mean I'm struggling through the pains of labor, I just mean I'm really starting to feel this guy getting ready more than ever. 
Chris and I are so anxious as we sit around and wait.  I think bed rest has been the worst since I had planned on working this week and taking care of so many last minute things.  None of it's getting done, and I've finally stopped stressing over it all.  I'm just content to sit here with my little family and see what happens the next couple days.  Chris is just so happy to be watching so much football. 

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

These are a few of my favorite things....

I like to pretend like I'm Oprah every year and do a Favorite Things episode on this blog.  Per tradition here are my favorite things for 2012 and 2011, and now for 2013...

The Roku - This streaming player allowed our cable bill to go from $90 a month to $7.99.  I love streaming because we watch a lot less TV, but still get in on our favorite shows.
Sugarpova Candy - I'm a sale out because I've never actually tasted this candy, but I've wanted to all year.  I love that they are a bunch of little tennis balls and all the bright colors.  Plus didn't we all wish we grew up being tennis players.  Perhaps that's just my fantasy. 
Land Of Nod -  I've known about these guys for awhile, but since it's a website I get at work.  Whenever I had down time, it was just the thing I wanted to browse when thinking about Baby Bates arrival.  I love all the bright colors and wish I had the money to splurge on this rockin rocker. 
Young House Love's Book - I love when I find a new blog I'm obsessed with.  After time I usually stop being obsessed or stop reading.  Young House Love has never let me stop reading.  That's why I'm putting their book on my favorite things list.  I really want one. 
Mrked Cell Phone Case - I always feel like I should be morally opposed to cell phone accessories, such a waste of money.  Yet I always love looking at them.  This site has the cutest covers for the I phone.    
Ralph Lauren Baby - I didn't let myself baby shop online until just a few weeks a go.  Then I pursued all the really expensive sites and found my wine taste on a beer budget hasn't changed when it comes to my offspring.  I'm in love with the baby section at RL.
Elizabeth Smarts Book - I already wrote a whole blog post on how this has been my favorite book this year. You can read more here.  
Wendy's Stock : WEN - My favorite stock I've bought this year.  Yes, it's done well but I love owning something so common.  Eating a frosty is way more fun if you own the stock.  
Devin Supertramp - This is free Youtube entertainment right here.  Chris and I started watching Devin's video's awhile back.  I'm not consistent, but every once in awhile Chris will bring one up that entertains us for a good hour.  A BYU kid whose making it big. My favorite video is here - probably because I'm afraid of heights.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Peanut Butter Pie...

I wanted to share our favorite pie recipe with you as you make your Thanksgiving grocery shopping list.  Nothing is going to beat out the traditional pumpkin, but sometimes I like something a little different. I present to you Pioneer Woman's Peanut Butter Pie
You can click on the link above for this picture as well as a play by play of the recipe.  However, it's about the easiest and quickest thing you'll ever do.  Here's the recipe, which I also stole from the link above.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Bed Rest...

I finally heard back from the doctor today.  Turns out my urine test came back clean.  This is a great because it means our little guy can cook a bit longer.  However, it means I will have to stay on bed rest until he decides to come out naturally.  I told the doctor I was feeling fine and she said I could get up a bit and move around the house.  We've had such a crazy weekend, I figured we needed to get at least one picture of me pregnant.  So I got up from bed rest and we walked outside to snap this guy.  Remember that one of my main symptoms is swelling. I often think my eyes are worse than my ankles.  
On that note I did do my hair this morning because I wanted it washed and clean in case I was sent to the hospital for induction.  In the words of Chris, "first time you've done your hair in 9 months."  Gee aren't husbands just the best. 

There you have it, I'm done with the pregnancy play by plays.  Hopefully my next post that has anything to do with the birth of my child has a picture of him in it - outside the womb that is. 

39 Weeks & 1 Day...

No baby and no induction as of last night.  I called the doctor at 3:00 just like she told me to.  The on call doctor had not spoken to her and didn't know anything about what was going on. I was so frustrated because she told me that he would know.  I tried calling again, two hours later, and once again they just told me they would  try to reach her and call me back. By 6:00 I had figured we'd already be at the hospital and I was going a bit stir crazy. 

At this point I had been laying around all weekend - doctors orders.  I figured if she didn't even have the decency to call me back, than it probably wasn't that serious. I went and put my shoes on and told Chris to take me to get a Sprite or to Salem.  In the car the doctor finally called.  She said that she had a really hard time finding my test results because no one in the lab could find them.  Turns out the lab never tested anything, which is why she couldn't find the results.  At that point the lab was closed for the day and she said she would get them tested first thing in the morning.  She inquired if I was still really swollen or had any headaches.  I am still a bit swollen, but not that bad and have zero headaches.  Therefore, she told me just to stay flat and she would call me before noon today. 

Chris and I turned around and decided not to go see my parents.  We stopped and got a Slurpee and came home.  I finished my Christmas movie on the I pad and then watched Amazing Race.  I've never been into that show, but all the sudden I am.  I fell asleep early and about midnight Chris woke me up to go to bed.  Once I was in bed I could not sleep at all.  I hate when I have time alone with my thoughts.  Not just about the baby coming but so many other things.  I came back out to the couch,  put on another I pad Christmas movie and fell asleep.  Here I am awake at the crack of dawn, since I usually leave for work by 6:30AM.  I am going to try and let Chris sleep as long as possible. I've been quite the sass with him the last few days.

So the countdown to the arrival of Baby Bates continues.  Isn't this play by play entertaining.

In the meantime I'm really wishing I had some felt.  I'm not usually a fan of Pinterest and don't spend much time there, but I'm really loving these felt garlands.  I'd love to make a similar holiday garland for my shelf.  I might have to sass Chris one more time to the craft store if this bed rest thing lasts another day.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

39 Weeks...

Only one week left from my due date and here I am on bed rest.  On Friday I went to my last doctor's appointment. Three weeks a go my blood pressure had been elevated, but no where near it was Friday.  My doctor says the high blood pressure is a result of my low blood platelet count - something I've known about all along.  My doctor is fearful with the low levels that my blood won't clot properly during labor.  Worse case scenario is I bleed to death, but I am nowhere near that high risk, just taking the proper precautions.  I'm just glad I'm not a pioneer, this whole modern medicine thing is awesome. 

On Friday I went and had them take a bunch of blood, I also got 24 hour urine test and they sent me home on bed rest.  Since I feel completely fine, I inquired on how intense this bed rest was.  My doctor said, "you can only stand up to use the restroom and if no one is home you can make yourself a snack."  This morning Chris had to take my testing materials to the hospital and in 30 minutes we are supposed to call my doctor.  If my blood platelet levels are still low, then I will go to the hospital tonight and be induced.  If not, I will stay on bed rest until I go into labor naturally or my doctor thinks it's safe to induce me. 

Since Friday I have been feeling so anxious.  Even though I have some crazy things happening, Chris and I feel really great about everything.  I have known people who were put on bed rest for months and can't even imagine the thought. I have only had two days and I just want to scream.  I boss Chris around like crazy and I think we are both hoping the doctor just let's me come have him tonight.  Only 20 more minutes and we will see...

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

38 Weeks...

I am so anxious for this baby to come.  Not knowing his exact time of arrival is the hardest part.  My body is doing amazing things and I have no clue what any the subtle changes mean. I call Nancy at least twice a day asking something like, “what does it mean if your left thigh hurts consistently for 6 hours?”  Stupid questions I know, but it’s literally how I deal with every twinge of pain or leak I feel.  Pregnancy is tough; I’m not going to lie.  I have complained more than perhaps necessary for someone who has been given such an amazing gift.  Especially the last two weeks, as I literally feel our little boy growing bigger inside.  Last night I rolled over in bed and pain shot through my entire body, waking me up.  I literally fell out of bed, onto the floor trying to stand up.  Chris sat up in a panic thinking I was in labor.  I walked around a bit and had a glass of water and all was well. 

I have been meeting with the doctor for the last two weeks in a row.  Every time I have only been dilated to a 1 and been 80% effaced.  I write this, knowing if/when I have another child than I will want to know at 37 weeks I was nowhere near ready for labor.  I write if/when because no one in my state can rationally think of having more children.  Even though I know it will happen at some point, the very thought makes me want to fall over dead.

The excitement and anticipation for his arrival is far better than waiting for Christmas morning.  Chris and I speak constantly about what we think he will look like and Chris has even been open to discussing names.  Chris’s family has a very distinct face and nose structure.  Something anyone could see consistently if you lined up all his siblings.  I resemble my mom and my brothers quite a bit, so he and I are dying to know what nose he is going to get. 

As far as names go I think we have it narrowed down quite well.  Naming is something I think I will always struggle with.  For the longest time Chris did not want his name used as the middle name.  I think I’ve gotten him talked into it.  The baby’s first name, if we choose the one we’ve been discussing is a bit different.  It’s no secret, but I’m sick of sharing and getting opinions.  I think next time; I’ll be more quite about our options.  There I go again with the next times. 

Truthfully I’m going to miss this little guys butt in my ribs all day.  I remember when we were driving home from camping and I felt his first flutter.  Now I can literally see his butt or legs move across my stomach.   A feeling I don’t want to ever forget.  Pregnancy is a miracle and I think I can say I made it through just fine.  Onto the next step of labor and delivery – I have my moments of fear, but I’m afraid to say I’m more worried about being a mom.  Bringing him home from the hospital and trying to teach him the important things of life over the next 18 years.  Wish us luck!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Chris finished college....

Chris completed his very last college test/class ever on Wednesday night.  We had planned on everything being complete in August.  Then he landed a sweet internship for the summer - with his summer classes and his internship he wasn't able to spend as much time on his BYU Independent study course as he would have liked.  Plus, I am demanding when it comes to spending time together on weekends.  Timing is everything, and I'm thrilled he snapped everything together before our baby arrives in two weeks.

Chris went back to school when we started dating.  Since I'd known him he was working full time and wasn't able to fully pursue a full class load. It was just months after we were married we made the decision for him to quit full-time work and fully pursue his degree.  A true sacrifice, but one I think we'll continually be glad we made.  

Last night we went to Texas Roadhouse to celebrate the completion of his degree.  We also knew it might be one of the last Friday night dates as a family of two.  There are so many details on why this is such an accomplishment for Chris.  He can be a bit secretive about his past, but I find it all truly amazing that he's standing where he is today. I'll continue to beg him to share more and perhaps someday he will.  Until then, Chris says this video clip adequately describes his college experience. 

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Baby Bates Dresser...

I've been really picky on getting this baby a dresser.  The changing tables or dressers I liked were way out of our price range.  Chris's mom found this beauty on KSL.  She even drove clear to Murray and got it for us, and all I had to do was paint it.  Not bad at all, since painting stuff like this is sort of my favorite. 

This weekend I had Friday off and I got lots of baby things accomplished.  Only three more weeks until my due date.  To say we can't wait is an understatement. 

Monday, November 4, 2013

I have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to birthing a child...

Pregnancy is such a strange phenomenon.  I've really enjoyed the experience.  It all became so real to me during the ultrasound, now his regular kicks are such a part of my day.  Hard to imagine him not being in there in a mere three weeks. 

Until a week a go I was fairly certain this pregnancy thing was a breeze.  That statement doesn't include the first trimester.  I'm for real when I say I thought I had this thing in the bag.  However, this last week has been nuts.  I'm blaming my nerves on the fact that I've never done this before.  Like this morning, I laid in bed thinking I was definitely in labor. Chris stood at the end of the bed trying to figure out the car seat we have never looked at. I kept telling myself and Chris, if Snooki can have a baby I can have a baby, right?  He kept saying yes, but I could tell he was as freaked out as me.  Turns out I wasn't in labor.  Long story, and I just most definitely have the flu. Along those lines, here are two other things that have freaked me out real good this week.

1.  I thought my water broke at work in Park City.  Had a full fledged panic attack in the restroom.  Obviously it didn't, but not the best feeling. 

2.  When I started this whole gig I had low blood platelets.  I still don't know what this means other than it can make my blood pressure go high.  At an emergency appointment this week, the doctor told me to go walk around her waiting room and she would take my blood pressure again, hoping it would be lower.  As if walking around a 10 foot space with 8 people coughing up a lung is going to make my blood pressure go down. It didn't.

There have been some risks associated with this little guys arrival.  Including the appointment where they told me my small complications might result in me having a c-section or the inability to have an epidural.  Good grief people, I want the drugs and I really don't want to have a c-section,.

That is how I feel this week.  Pregnancy with it's ups and downs.  After I write this, I realize I'm sounding way more dramatic or high risk than I really am.  I'm sure all will be fine and he'll end up being two weeks overdue and I'll get an epidural.  Keep your fingers crossed my friends, fingers crossed!