Sunday, November 24, 2013

39 Weeks...

Only one week left from my due date and here I am on bed rest.  On Friday I went to my last doctor's appointment. Three weeks a go my blood pressure had been elevated, but no where near it was Friday.  My doctor says the high blood pressure is a result of my low blood platelet count - something I've known about all along.  My doctor is fearful with the low levels that my blood won't clot properly during labor.  Worse case scenario is I bleed to death, but I am nowhere near that high risk, just taking the proper precautions.  I'm just glad I'm not a pioneer, this whole modern medicine thing is awesome. 

On Friday I went and had them take a bunch of blood, I also got 24 hour urine test and they sent me home on bed rest.  Since I feel completely fine, I inquired on how intense this bed rest was.  My doctor said, "you can only stand up to use the restroom and if no one is home you can make yourself a snack."  This morning Chris had to take my testing materials to the hospital and in 30 minutes we are supposed to call my doctor.  If my blood platelet levels are still low, then I will go to the hospital tonight and be induced.  If not, I will stay on bed rest until I go into labor naturally or my doctor thinks it's safe to induce me. 

Since Friday I have been feeling so anxious.  Even though I have some crazy things happening, Chris and I feel really great about everything.  I have known people who were put on bed rest for months and can't even imagine the thought. I have only had two days and I just want to scream.  I boss Chris around like crazy and I think we are both hoping the doctor just let's me come have him tonight.  Only 20 more minutes and we will see...

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