Monday, November 25, 2013

Bed Rest...

I finally heard back from the doctor today.  Turns out my urine test came back clean.  This is a great because it means our little guy can cook a bit longer.  However, it means I will have to stay on bed rest until he decides to come out naturally.  I told the doctor I was feeling fine and she said I could get up a bit and move around the house.  We've had such a crazy weekend, I figured we needed to get at least one picture of me pregnant.  So I got up from bed rest and we walked outside to snap this guy.  Remember that one of my main symptoms is swelling. I often think my eyes are worse than my ankles.  
On that note I did do my hair this morning because I wanted it washed and clean in case I was sent to the hospital for induction.  In the words of Chris, "first time you've done your hair in 9 months."  Gee aren't husbands just the best. 

There you have it, I'm done with the pregnancy play by plays.  Hopefully my next post that has anything to do with the birth of my child has a picture of him in it - outside the womb that is. 


  1. Danielle, you look so beautiful! You're such a cute preggo lady. :) And I'm glad everything's ok! (Boo for more bed rest though.) Hopefully little man decides to show up sooner than later!

  2. I freaking love it. Cant believe you are going to pop this thing out! Cant wait to meet the little guy and feel free to blog as much as you want while you wait...

  3. This is so cute!!! I really can't wait to see pictures. It's so exciting. Keep the blog posts coming!

  4. I said with this last pregnancy I was going to take a pic of the belly just for myself so I could compare with other/future pregnancys... wellllll I didnt have time so be glad that you did. I wish I had! You look great! Can't wait to see this lil man!