Saturday, November 16, 2013

Chris finished college....

Chris completed his very last college test/class ever on Wednesday night.  We had planned on everything being complete in August.  Then he landed a sweet internship for the summer - with his summer classes and his internship he wasn't able to spend as much time on his BYU Independent study course as he would have liked.  Plus, I am demanding when it comes to spending time together on weekends.  Timing is everything, and I'm thrilled he snapped everything together before our baby arrives in two weeks.

Chris went back to school when we started dating.  Since I'd known him he was working full time and wasn't able to fully pursue a full class load. It was just months after we were married we made the decision for him to quit full-time work and fully pursue his degree.  A true sacrifice, but one I think we'll continually be glad we made.  

Last night we went to Texas Roadhouse to celebrate the completion of his degree.  We also knew it might be one of the last Friday night dates as a family of two.  There are so many details on why this is such an accomplishment for Chris.  He can be a bit secretive about his past, but I find it all truly amazing that he's standing where he is today. I'll continue to beg him to share more and perhaps someday he will.  Until then, Chris says this video clip adequately describes his college experience. 

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