Monday, November 4, 2013

I have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to birthing a child...

Pregnancy is such a strange phenomenon.  I've really enjoyed the experience.  It all became so real to me during the ultrasound, now his regular kicks are such a part of my day.  Hard to imagine him not being in there in a mere three weeks. 

Until a week a go I was fairly certain this pregnancy thing was a breeze.  That statement doesn't include the first trimester.  I'm for real when I say I thought I had this thing in the bag.  However, this last week has been nuts.  I'm blaming my nerves on the fact that I've never done this before.  Like this morning, I laid in bed thinking I was definitely in labor. Chris stood at the end of the bed trying to figure out the car seat we have never looked at. I kept telling myself and Chris, if Snooki can have a baby I can have a baby, right?  He kept saying yes, but I could tell he was as freaked out as me.  Turns out I wasn't in labor.  Long story, and I just most definitely have the flu. Along those lines, here are two other things that have freaked me out real good this week.

1.  I thought my water broke at work in Park City.  Had a full fledged panic attack in the restroom.  Obviously it didn't, but not the best feeling. 

2.  When I started this whole gig I had low blood platelets.  I still don't know what this means other than it can make my blood pressure go high.  At an emergency appointment this week, the doctor told me to go walk around her waiting room and she would take my blood pressure again, hoping it would be lower.  As if walking around a 10 foot space with 8 people coughing up a lung is going to make my blood pressure go down. It didn't.

There have been some risks associated with this little guys arrival.  Including the appointment where they told me my small complications might result in me having a c-section or the inability to have an epidural.  Good grief people, I want the drugs and I really don't want to have a c-section,.

That is how I feel this week.  Pregnancy with it's ups and downs.  After I write this, I realize I'm sounding way more dramatic or high risk than I really am.  I'm sure all will be fine and he'll end up being two weeks overdue and I'll get an epidural.  Keep your fingers crossed my friends, fingers crossed!

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