Friday, November 29, 2013

I'm still pregnant...

I'm still here alive and pregnant.  We celebrated Thanksgiving at the Bates household yesterday.  I felt a bit useless and I just had to sit there, since I'm still on bed rest.  Last night I had a few pains throughout the night.  I can really feel my body starting to change the last 24 hours.  No that doesn't necessarily mean I'm struggling through the pains of labor, I just mean I'm really starting to feel this guy getting ready more than ever. 
Chris and I are so anxious as we sit around and wait.  I think bed rest has been the worst since I had planned on working this week and taking care of so many last minute things.  None of it's getting done, and I've finally stopped stressing over it all.  I'm just content to sit here with my little family and see what happens the next couple days.  Chris is just so happy to be watching so much football. 

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