Wednesday, November 27, 2013

These are a few of my favorite things....

I like to pretend like I'm Oprah every year and do a Favorite Things episode on this blog.  Per tradition here are my favorite things for 2012 and 2011, and now for 2013...

The Roku - This streaming player allowed our cable bill to go from $90 a month to $7.99.  I love streaming because we watch a lot less TV, but still get in on our favorite shows.
Sugarpova Candy - I'm a sale out because I've never actually tasted this candy, but I've wanted to all year.  I love that they are a bunch of little tennis balls and all the bright colors.  Plus didn't we all wish we grew up being tennis players.  Perhaps that's just my fantasy. 
Land Of Nod -  I've known about these guys for awhile, but since it's a website I get at work.  Whenever I had down time, it was just the thing I wanted to browse when thinking about Baby Bates arrival.  I love all the bright colors and wish I had the money to splurge on this rockin rocker. 
Young House Love's Book - I love when I find a new blog I'm obsessed with.  After time I usually stop being obsessed or stop reading.  Young House Love has never let me stop reading.  That's why I'm putting their book on my favorite things list.  I really want one. 
Mrked Cell Phone Case - I always feel like I should be morally opposed to cell phone accessories, such a waste of money.  Yet I always love looking at them.  This site has the cutest covers for the I phone.    
Ralph Lauren Baby - I didn't let myself baby shop online until just a few weeks a go.  Then I pursued all the really expensive sites and found my wine taste on a beer budget hasn't changed when it comes to my offspring.  I'm in love with the baby section at RL.
Elizabeth Smarts Book - I already wrote a whole blog post on how this has been my favorite book this year. You can read more here.  
Wendy's Stock : WEN - My favorite stock I've bought this year.  Yes, it's done well but I love owning something so common.  Eating a frosty is way more fun if you own the stock.  
Devin Supertramp - This is free Youtube entertainment right here.  Chris and I started watching Devin's video's awhile back.  I'm not consistent, but every once in awhile Chris will bring one up that entertains us for a good hour.  A BYU kid whose making it big. My favorite video is here - probably because I'm afraid of heights.


  1. Devin asked my husband to be in that video.... But he promised his pathetic paranoid wife that wants to keep him alive that he wouldn't jump anymore.... Kinda regret when I saw how cool the video turned out.

    1. There is no way I would let my husband do that either. That is so nuts. The crazy thing is your husband would. I can't even imagine having that kind of guts.