Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Rewind...

I'm not usually one for a recap, but I've had so much fun reading others that I thought, why not? 

January - We live in Heber and I go on a lot of walks through the frozen tundra. I get really into trading stocks.
 February - We go to St. George to escape the cold for a horse show.  Chris is allergic to everything and sits outside sipping on allergy medication.
 March - We find out we are having a baby.  
April - We go on a lot of walks. I remember this particular walk around the lake I tell Chris how I can feel my hips pulling apart.  
May & June - We move to Provo and I have no pictures because I was so tired and wanted to die from being pregnant.  

July - We find out we are having a boy! I'm just relieved it's not twins.  I'm even more relieved right now when I think about staying up all night with Caldwell again. 

August - We got to Fish Lake and Chris gets to take a day off from his internship.  First day he got off all summer, Chris loses his wedding ring swimming in a river.  Chris turns 34 years old!

September - I shoot my first wedding.  My photography business really took off. 

October - Baby showers begin and I turn 27 years old!
 November - I am ready to pop. I get put on bed rest and enjoy Thanksgiving with the Bates family. Chris finishes his degree!
 December - Caldwell arrives, my whole entire world changes for the better. 

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Two Years...

It seems December has always been "our" month.  
December 2010 - 1st Date
December 2011 - Married
December 2012 - 1st Anniversary 
December 2013 - 1st Kid (If he doesn't start sleeping, maybe our last.)
There's so many things I have learned about this guy since we walked out those doors.  I have learned some serious compromise along the way.  Compromise has not always been my strong suit.  That being said, he's totally worth it, we are totally worth it, and now our family of three is totally worth it. 

To Infinity and Beyond!!!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas...

I haven't been very good at feeling the holiday spirit this year.  I know, I know, it's my favorite time of year.  However, I don't think I was prepared for how overwhelmed I would feel with a newborn.  Perhaps overwhelmed isn't the right word.  I just didn't get anything done that I thought I would.  You know, with all this extra time I've had at home.  The other morning as Caldwell laid in my arms, I read the Christmas story in Luke.  It has a whole new meaning this year.  Especially since I have been paranoid about Caldwell being cold in this old house, with crappy windows.  I found myself trying to find out if it was cold in Bethlehem when Christ was born. I can only imagine how Mary would be worried if all she had was swaddling clothes in an old barn, with crappy windows. I doubt she called up her mother in law and sent her on the hunt for a space heater. 
Even before I knew I was pregnant with this guy I saw a picture in the temple of baby.  That day it hit me hard what a special gift children are to families, to parents and especially to mothers.  I might have totally slacked this year in my gifts to others and I haven't done one ounce of service.  Yet I don't think I've ever felt the true meaning of Christmas more - the gift giving was sent to me this year on December 2nd and it's a feeling and love I will never forget. 

Merry Christmas! 

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

I may never sleep again...

Caldwell met Santa on Sunday. Clearly he was as excited about this as his mom.  Seriously though isn't this the best thing ever?  On that note, I have officially figured out that I can go approximately two weeks and one day without sleeping.  Last night about two in the morning I was feeding the little monster and I zonked out.  I woke up about an hour later to notice he had finished eating and was peacefully sleeping as well.  Good thing this kid is easy going and didn't even bother crying about it.  I also have some type of insane rash all over my body.  I hear it goes away once you can start sleeping again.  Isn't that the stupidest thing you've ever heard? Riddle me this, why can't I nap in the day when he is sleeping.  Otherwise I'd be asleep right now.  Having a baby is the strangest.
P.S.  I just blogged about my sleeping patterns.  Also, I may not be able to blog about anything other than my child again.  I'm just kidding, but seriously. 

Sunday, December 15, 2013


I've had a baby for approximately two weeks.  It's been so wonderfully hard.  When I was pregnant I found it interesting that everyone would hand out advice.  It got to where my eyes would glaze over whenever someone would start in on what happened to them.  I promised myself I'd never be that person.  However, when your completely exhausted it seems as if you wish you would have remembered some of that advice. Therefore, I give you my three pieces of advice.
1.  Get help from the nurses at the hospital breast feeding.  Beg them for help, make them sit with you.  Ask 400 billion questions and take any shield, container or trick they will give you because it's hard.  It hurts really bad and it's really hard. 
2.  I can't sleep unless Caldwell is near.  It's almost like my body can't calm down.  Then when he does start nursing or falls asleep next to me, I can't keep my eyes open.  It's the stupidest thing.  This actually isn't advice, I just find it very strange.
3.  Give the baby a bottle if you need to.  Screw nipple confusion.

That is all...
You wonder why I am blogging if I am so tired?
Caldwell is in the other room with Chris. 
Go figure. 

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

All that hair...

I spent a lot of time wondering what this kid would look like before he came out.  I was shocked when he arrived.  All that hair - it's seriously like 2 inches down his back.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

A Baby Story...

I woke up on my due date feeling just the same - pregnant and miserable.  I was still on bed rest that day, but I didn't care.  I made an apple pie, cleaned up the house and went to church and took the sacrament.  That night we went to Salem and visited my parents and told them I wouldn't be having the baby that night.

Sunday night at midnight I started having really bad pains.  I know now that they were contractions, but I had been having them on and off all week so I had no idea they were the real deal.  I fell asleep for a few minutes and the pain would wake me up.  At about 2:00 Chris and I started timing the contractions.

Finally about 3:00 my water broke.  At this point, Chris and I started getting ready to go.  The first thing I wanted to do was shower before we headed out.  I was paranoid about being all gross down there.  Turns out that shower meant a whole lot of nothing after birthing a child.  We got our stuff gathered and Chris gave me a quick blessing.  Everyone told me to eat something on the way to the hospital.  An empty stomach throughout a long delivery was not what I wanted.  Chris was going to run into the gas station and get me some juice and a doughnut, but as we were passing the hospital I had a contraction.  I told him to turn into the hospital and screw the empty stomach.  I am so glad I did.

We arrived on the labor and delivery floor and the paperwork lady was so sweet.  I remember her looking at me and saying, "This will take about 3-5 minutes, can you hang in there that long?"  I told her yes and soon we headed back to our delivery room.  I don't remember much until the guy with the epidural came.  I was trying to be tough and not ask for him, so when he just showed up, I had never been happier.

Getting the epidural was actually pretty rough.  It made me really light headed and I remember Chris standing in front of me and holding me on the bed.  When I was done with getting the shot, I had cold wash rags all over me.  At this point I was only dilated a three.  The pain had subsided and Chris and I went to sleep for about two hours.
The doctor came in about 8:30 and I had only progressed to a four.  She asked the nurse to start giving me Pitocin and told me that because of my other issues prior, my body might not be able to progress to a ten.  If I didn't progress in the next few hours than we would schedule a C-section.

At this point I started to get really bad pains in my legs.  My hip and knee on the left side were killing me.  I kept pushing the epidural button but no amount would help.  I think I pushed it too many times because the drug lord came in and checked on me.  He told me that he thought my nerves in that leg were not numb, which doesn't usually happen.  He wanted me to see if the pain got worse and he would come check on me.

About this time the nurse came and checked me and told me I was an eight.  She was shocked I had progressed so fast.

Now let me tell you.  Going from an eight to a ten was about the worst thing that has ever happened to me.  The nerves in my legs were freaking out.  I laid there and freaked out on Chris.  I told him I was never doing this again and that I couldn't do this.  He was so sweet, but you could tell he was worried.  When the drug lord came in to check on me again, I told him the pain wasn't too bad.  Chris spoke up and said that it was bad.  I was so glad he did, because the guy shot some cold stuff through my back and man was that heaven on earth.

Once I got that new drug in me I was a happy camper.  We waited until the pains were gone and the nurse had me start pushing.  I pushed for about an hour and a half.  I had heard pushing was the worst part, but for me I think it was my favorite.  It felt good to be doing something.  I also had been in so much pain that pushing the baby out was a welcome relief.

Prior to the doctor even coming in to catch our little guy, Caldwell pooped inside me.  This is not a good thing.  The nurse explained that when it came closer to him actually coming out that a lot of people would come into the room.  She told me I wouldn't be able to see him and they may have to rush him off, so no poop got into his lungs.
That's exactly what happened.  As soon as he was out they laid him on me for about 30 seconds.  Then they rushed him over and had four people working on him.  They wrapped him up let me look at him for another 30 seconds.  Then Chris went with him to the NICU for about an hour.
I just sat in the delivery room by myself.  Chris kept sending him photo's of him and I kept trying to study what he looked like.  I was shocked by the amount of hair he had.

Finally he got to come back to our room and I had about 10 minutes with him, before they took us downstairs.  Chris then stayed with him while they gave him a bath and such.  I went back to our room and waited.  Waiting was one of the worst parts.
The rest of the hospital stay was awesome.  I was really blessed with amazing nurses.  By the second night I wasn't having much luck nursing at all.  A sweet older nurse came in named Diana.  I actually didn't really like her at first, but she was my life saver.  She took control and spent two different sessions with me getting Caldwell to eat.  I tried asking her questions or learning more about her, but she was a woman on a mission.  She stuck to the job and got him to eat, she also took Caldwell to the nursery so I could rest.  I resisted and told her I was worried and she told me if they were busy she would go in and hold him herself.  Such an amazing nurse!

Now we are home and still in survival mode.  Wish us luck!  Not that we need anymore, as I figure myself the luckiest girl in the world to have not one amazing guy in my life, but now two.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Today is my due date...

Today is my due date.  The ultrasound we had back in July predicted it might be a bit earlier, but not by much.  Therefore, I never let myself believe he would come sooner, until they put my on bed rest. Then I've been anticipating his arrival every single second since. 

Yesterday I couldn't handle being home one more minute.  I begged Chris to take me to the new Hunger Games movie.  Chris has been so protective about me resting.  However, I think he knew I was on the verge of breakdown, so he took me.  We got a seat on the end so I could go use the restroom a billion times and it was perfect, just what I needed. 

When I got out of the movie I had a number of missed calls from friends and family.  I get calls and texts everyday from people wanting to know if there has been any progress.  Unfortunately, I can never tell any of them any good news, I'm still just laying here.   I'm sort of over even responding half the time. That sounds horrible, but I never had any news so I just stopped calling back.  So sorry everyone who has called or text me since yesterday.  I've given up on notifying everyone of my condition.  I think I will be so excited when labor does happen, all your phones will be ringing off the hook with the good news. 

As of today Chris and I are going across the street to take the sacramenat together. It seems fitting since I will need any extra help I can get this week.  Otherwise, I will just be here wishing and hoping this guy will come hang out with us soon.  Thanks again entertaining my pregnancy play by play.