Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Rewind...

I'm not usually one for a recap, but I've had so much fun reading others that I thought, why not? 

January - We live in Heber and I go on a lot of walks through the frozen tundra. I get really into trading stocks.
 February - We go to St. George to escape the cold for a horse show.  Chris is allergic to everything and sits outside sipping on allergy medication.
 March - We find out we are having a baby.  
April - We go on a lot of walks. I remember this particular walk around the lake I tell Chris how I can feel my hips pulling apart.  
May & June - We move to Provo and I have no pictures because I was so tired and wanted to die from being pregnant.  

July - We find out we are having a boy! I'm just relieved it's not twins.  I'm even more relieved right now when I think about staying up all night with Caldwell again. 

August - We got to Fish Lake and Chris gets to take a day off from his internship.  First day he got off all summer, Chris loses his wedding ring swimming in a river.  Chris turns 34 years old!

September - I shoot my first wedding.  My photography business really took off. 

October - Baby showers begin and I turn 27 years old!
 November - I am ready to pop. I get put on bed rest and enjoy Thanksgiving with the Bates family. Chris finishes his degree!
 December - Caldwell arrives, my whole entire world changes for the better. 

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