Sunday, December 15, 2013


I've had a baby for approximately two weeks.  It's been so wonderfully hard.  When I was pregnant I found it interesting that everyone would hand out advice.  It got to where my eyes would glaze over whenever someone would start in on what happened to them.  I promised myself I'd never be that person.  However, when your completely exhausted it seems as if you wish you would have remembered some of that advice. Therefore, I give you my three pieces of advice.
1.  Get help from the nurses at the hospital breast feeding.  Beg them for help, make them sit with you.  Ask 400 billion questions and take any shield, container or trick they will give you because it's hard.  It hurts really bad and it's really hard. 
2.  I can't sleep unless Caldwell is near.  It's almost like my body can't calm down.  Then when he does start nursing or falls asleep next to me, I can't keep my eyes open.  It's the stupidest thing.  This actually isn't advice, I just find it very strange.
3.  Give the baby a bottle if you need to.  Screw nipple confusion.

That is all...
You wonder why I am blogging if I am so tired?
Caldwell is in the other room with Chris. 
Go figure. 

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