Sunday, December 1, 2013

Today is my due date...

Today is my due date.  The ultrasound we had back in July predicted it might be a bit earlier, but not by much.  Therefore, I never let myself believe he would come sooner, until they put my on bed rest. Then I've been anticipating his arrival every single second since. 

Yesterday I couldn't handle being home one more minute.  I begged Chris to take me to the new Hunger Games movie.  Chris has been so protective about me resting.  However, I think he knew I was on the verge of breakdown, so he took me.  We got a seat on the end so I could go use the restroom a billion times and it was perfect, just what I needed. 

When I got out of the movie I had a number of missed calls from friends and family.  I get calls and texts everyday from people wanting to know if there has been any progress.  Unfortunately, I can never tell any of them any good news, I'm still just laying here.   I'm sort of over even responding half the time. That sounds horrible, but I never had any news so I just stopped calling back.  So sorry everyone who has called or text me since yesterday.  I've given up on notifying everyone of my condition.  I think I will be so excited when labor does happen, all your phones will be ringing off the hook with the good news. 

As of today Chris and I are going across the street to take the sacramenat together. It seems fitting since I will need any extra help I can get this week.  Otherwise, I will just be here wishing and hoping this guy will come hang out with us soon.  Thanks again entertaining my pregnancy play by play. 

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  1. Happy Due Date! Next time I'm preg I'm saying my due date is a week later than it really is. I was sooo annoyed with people when I was still pregnant on my due date and for the following week that baby was still cooking. I hope baby Bates decides to make his appearance soon. I can't wait to meet him. Also, glad you got out to see the movie!!!