Sunday, December 29, 2013

Two Years...

It seems December has always been "our" month.  
December 2010 - 1st Date
December 2011 - Married
December 2012 - 1st Anniversary 
December 2013 - 1st Kid (If he doesn't start sleeping, maybe our last.)
There's so many things I have learned about this guy since we walked out those doors.  I have learned some serious compromise along the way.  Compromise has not always been my strong suit.  That being said, he's totally worth it, we are totally worth it, and now our family of three is totally worth it. 

To Infinity and Beyond!!!


  1. To Infinity and Beyond sounds a lot longer than eternity, lets see how eternity goes first. Love you

  2. I adore you guys. You are a great team.