Thursday, January 16, 2014

Postpartum Itching...

What the crap is happening to my body?

The first three weeks of Caldwell's life my body would itch like crazy. It was all defined to three spots, the back of my legs, my stomach, and under my arms. The doctor prescribed the cream in the photo below. It sort of worked. You can tell I've squeezed the crap out of the tube. The darn cream wasn't covered by my insurance and cost an arm and a leg. However, my itch is back in full force, but worse, and I'm not buying another tube. The doctor said it will eventually go away and just to deal with it. I'm talking every single part of my body is itching so bad I want to scream. Last night I was awake for three hours, not because of the baby, but because I was ice packing my itch. No joke.
I'm writing this for any ideas some of you might have heard. I know it's not Pups, because it's not just in my stretch marks. My neck itches and there is no stretch marks on my neck - that i know of, I stretched a lot. I have also tried apple cider vinegar, ice, lotion, etc. My family has a history of extreme itch. Their only advice has been, "don't scratch." Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated.
He's worth it though.


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    1. I haven't tried it, but I will try it. Thanks a bunch for the idea.

  2. Agreed with the lavender oil idea...but I have the same problem with my legs, it comes and goes but when it comes it's the worst thing ever! It keeps me up and night too! So it drove me to do research on it and I was either anemic, prediabetic or that my liver and kidneys' were hurting. I went with anemic because I've struggled with that all my life. Anyway just some ideas for you, maybe it is just plain ol itching but itching can also be a sign of something else. ?? You just had a baby so your body is still getting back to normal, hormones are going crazy so that could very well be it. Im sorry though I know first hand how horrible that can be!!

    1. Anna I had huge problems being anemic during my pregnancy. I will look into that and the others, thanks so much for the advice.

  3. I had the same thing but I just thought it was the change in the weather.. I started using the lotion renew by melaleuca. It's like 15 a bottle but it' worked for me! My bro in law sells it and might have a bottle orbs sample you could try.. Just let me know they live in spanish