Saturday, February 1, 2014

Going to Work...

 I went back to work this week.  The good news is, I made myself so utterly sick and worried about it, by the time it came, it was actually quite pleasant.  Using my brain and actually focusing on something else for a few hours gave my paranoid body a much needed break.  I actually started to sleep this week.  Real sleep, that lasted almost as long as Caldwell's each night.  Although my body is still raging with itch, not itching during work hours has helped it subside to small burning rage, instead of the spawn of satan it once was.  Im not joking about this itch, it's horrible. 
It's much easier going back to work knowing that Chris is back home pulling full daddy daycare. I know this situation won't last long, but when I get cute pictures and video's all day, it makes it much easier to be away.  Plus, I mean look at these two.  Am I not the luckiest?
I always write blog posts about motherhood that revolve around me.  Seriously this mom thing was much harder than I anticipated.  There's a reason people use sleep deprivation in forms of torture.  That being said, here's a few things about my little Caldwell, who turns 2 months tomorrow. 

- Caldwell doesn't cry unless he's hungry.  Then it's more like a blood curdling scream. 
- He smiles every single time you make eye contact.  Even in the middle of a blood curdling scream. Which is basically my favorite thing about him. 
- He's chill, really calm and chill.  It blows my mind that something this easy going could come out of someone so obviously paranoid. 
- His hair, good grief, that hair.  There is no control and we have combs in almost every knook and cranny of the house. 
- He's developing some serious chub. I love seeing his chin(s) when he smiles. 

There you have it.  Someday I will learn how to make a coherent thought that doesn't revolve around this guy or my motherhood ailments. Until then....

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