Monday, March 24, 2014

The Marathon...

I am running a marathon.  I really, really long marathon.  My days transition from one to the next and honestly I just feel exhausted, but happy.  Here is a bit of an update on what we're transitioning through.

Chris Update – Chris got a job in Centerville doing what he went to school for.  Who gets a job doing what they went to school for?  Maybe because I successfully completed six years of school and my job pertains to nothing I ever learned at school, I'm bitter.  By bitter, I mean really excited for him.  Centerville is roughly one hour and 15 minutes from our house in Provo.  If Chris takes the train it’s about one hour 40 minutes away.   Great job - horrible location, we have to move, again. 

Danielle Update – I begrudgingly went back to work after having the babe tot.  This was really hard and still is really hard.  However, I think it’s the best thing for me right now.  On top of the long hours at work and commuting, being a mom is just the best.  Can’t describe it until it just happens to you and then there it is – mind blown. 

Caldwell Update – Caldwell is growing full speed.  He gets to hang out with Grandma Jan every day, who is a gift from heaven.  I might have officially checked into the looney bin if it wasn't for her.  We don’t go for our four month checkup until next week, but until then - Caldy is working really hard on rolling over. In my mind, when this officially happens, it will be the equivalent of him winning a gold medal.  Some of his favorite things about him include, his love for sitting up when his sitting up muscles don't work yet.  He loves to look out.  Bath time or just being naked in general; I'm hoping this funny quirk doesn’t stretch into his teen years.  Finally, my ultimate favorite thing is that he can grasp anything and everything.  As soon as he gets a hold, it goes straight to his mouth and he sucks on it – unless that thing is a pacifier and then he acts like we just choked him to death and spits it out.  Go figure.  In conclusion, he’s a baby, just doing baby things, but man is there a big difference when that baby is your baby.  It all becomes quite remarkable.

That’s about it for us.  With all the new changes for Chris and I, when our contract ends in Provo May 1st we will be moving.  We are hoping to find something near Centerville.  We really like that area, but it’s further away from Grandma Jan.  I don’t know anyone in that area who could help with babysitting so I’m a mess of nerves trying to figure out the best resolution.  In the meantime, Chris and I will continue to commute four hours a day, combined.  Like I said, a marathon.