Friday, May 23, 2014

I’ve become a Yoga(er)…

The day after I had Caldwell was born I felt like I could run a marathon and I also lost my appetite for anything other than yogurt.  Which is weird because I sort of hate yogurt.  Yet I consumed an entire Sam’s Club Box of Yoplait before I could say I had a three month old baby.  It’s the biggest trick feeling that good and then being sent home with a tiny human that has to eat every three hours.   I really struggled to have the energy to do much. 

I’ve always been hesitant about yoga.  My only prior introduction was the P90X version - which in my mind, is about as fun as getting punched in the face.  I’m even a fan of P90X.  I’ve mentioned before I’m fairly full of anxiety 90% of the time.  I think this contributes to a lot of really great aspects of my life and personality, but there also times I’d really like to be able to tone it down.  I got on Amazon and bout the cheapest little beginner yoga DVD. The photo below I took from Amazon.  Link is here

I’ve done it consistently for roughly two weeks.  Don’t I have to do it for 30 days before I can say it’s a habit or something?  I hate to even say this is a form of exercise.  Rather, a great form of stretching and mind control.  It’s consistently helped me sleep and all around feel better.  Give me another two weeks, perhaps I’ll be one of those people who owns a yoga mat.  Doubt it. 

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