Saturday, May 17, 2014

We have a routine folks...

One time my mom told me, “Once the baby is six months he'll just start to fit into your routine.”  This is long before “the baby” had a name or fully grown limbs for that matter.  So I've been waiting.  Half patiently, half exhaustively waiting.
Well let me tell you this.  The baby, Caldwell, will be six months in about two weeks and that my friends is really, really good advice.  The last three days I've been able to do yoga. Turns out, yoga is a really good stress reliever and I love it – more on that later. After yoga I took a bubble bath.  All of this took roughly one complete hour.  One complete hour to myself to do something I really enjoyed.  In the last year, one complete hour to myself meant one of the these three things, laying on the couch growing a human, trying to sleep, or itching every square inch of my body rash. Which, my friends, is now almost all but disappeared?  This is what I like to call – fitting into my routine, or perhaps light at the end of the tunnel.

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