Monday, May 19, 2014

You Are Badass...

This is the actual title of a book.  There is a blog called, The Alison Show.  Which I enjoy reading.  She did a series on “How to be Awesome.”  Which is on Youtube and is really good if you need a little motivation.  Either in her posts, or on her YouTube series, I can’t remember which, she recommended the following book.  I really love reading, but usually only things that are a complete waste of time – novels, blogs, People magazine.  This is an actual self- help book which was in reality super helpful for me.  It also reminded me of my brother who is sort of badass too, which is a plus.  There you have it my book plug.

FYI - I think the book said the a few bad works including that one that starts with F.  Sorry about that. 

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