Wednesday, June 25, 2014

This probably doesn't deserve a title...

Apparently I'm 150 years old because right now my one and only goal is to stay up until 10:00pm.  Chris is a night owl and I'd seriously be in bed zonked out right now at 8:30pm.  I no longer have the excuse that I'm growing a human inside me, but I beg to differ that working all day and having a 6 month old isn't basically the same thing.  Anyway, Chris is out shooting hoops at the court by our house and I was going to stay home and do yoga while the tot slept, but quite frankly if I do some yoga right now I'll never make it until 10. 

There you have it, a real great intro to this post.  Clearly I had to dust 7 inches off this keyboard to even start this post.  It's funny, well not really funny, but when I started a blog when I was single I thought I needed to be married with kids to have anything to write about.  Then I decided that writing had always been therapeutic for me (I'm one of those nonsense journal writers) so I went ahead and started one.  Now what do I think now about writing a blog with a husband and a kid? Who the hell has time for that?

We're doing good here in our little world.  There was a couple months there when I was overwhelmed.  I remember one day sitting a stop light looking at the person next to me thinking, they are going to watch my head explode.  Seriously here it goes.  Then the light turned green and I drove home.  It was all very anti-climatic.  Here's the thing.  When I was single sometimes I'd feel really lonely and then I got married and all the sudden I was like, why don't I ever feel lonely?  I sort of miss feeling lonely!  My life is sort of like that right now, but not with the lonely bit with the overwhelmed bit.  I don't ever miss feeling overwhelmed, but sometimes I let myself over react and let my brain start to bubble for no reason, because being overwhelmed has just sort of been my normal the last couple months, and naturally even when I'm not overwhelmed I still think I should be.

If your still reading, I'm sorry.  It's one of those nights for me.  I always ask Chris what he thinks about before he falls asleep.  I do this because Chris isn't much for emotional talk.  He's pretty even kill about everything except laughing.  He laughs at everything.  However, other than laughter his emotions are always in check.  His response to my questions is always, "you and Caldwell."  Well quite frankly I think that is a load of crap.  I love Chris and Caldwell to pieces but I still think about tons of other stuff before I fall asleep.  Que abrupt ending to this paragraph and I start to list the top 10 things I think about before I fall asleep at night.  My hope is by hitting the publish button I can get  Chris to give me his top ten for this blog (he supports this blog and always tells me to post more.)

1. Wall colors for my future home
2.  Weeding a garden 
3. Boots from that store at City Creek that cost $200 4 million dollars
4. Christmas Decorations
5. Scriptures
6. Hedge Funds 
7. Traveling
8. Budgeting
9. Names of future kids (I need longer than 9 months next time, the name game was tough for me.)
10. White Elephant Gifts

Oh and because every post needs a picture.