Wednesday, August 20, 2014


I realize my title just made like the three people that still read this blog, stop reading.  I usually write about Caldwell's milestones and such in my journal.  I've become more of a journal writer again.  That being said, I think nursing has been one of the strangest, most amazing things I've done as a mom.  It's also the thing I've googled the most about. 

When I started nursing it was awful.  I hear it is for everyone.  I remember the second day I called the lactation people and told them I needed help.  The sweet lady on the phone told me to give it 48 hours and then call back if I still needed help.  I mean I needed serious HELP people.  I used a shield the first three weeks, until one day Chris was like, "just grab it like a whooper" (for the record I've never even eaten a whooper) He spent one sitting with me and bam, my very own lactation consultant.  I'd tell him to change career path, but I mean seriously who wants their husband doing THAT.

On that note, it's with a heavy heart I have to go on a business trip for the entire week next week.  I am having a full fledged panic attack about this.  I've known about this trip, along with one more I have to take at  the end of September (Chris and Caldwell are coming to at least a portion of that one) for awhile.  Before I agreed to any of this working mom stuff I knew these two trips were part of the deal, no way around it.  It may sound strange I'm worried about a week away when I use to travel constantly.  It's just so different now.  

Therefore, with the business trip lingering in the four day future, this is it.  Caldwell is no longer going to be nursing.  I have gotten down to where I am only nursing him once a day.  Usually in the middle of night; he is waking up like six times with this teething gig. When I run out of bottles and energy I give up and nurse.  Here's the thing, now that I've stopped or slowed down so much it's making me so sick.  Did anyone else get sick?  This morning I had to lay on the bed and eat a banana to stop from puking.  Last night I had serious labor pains.  I've googled it and read that it's normal but no one (sisterville, who is basically the only person I talk to outside of work) has had anything similar.  My plan is next week to just go cold turkey, while I wallow in self pity in St. Louis.  Wish me luck!
 I mean the whole growth thing is just amazing, look at how big he's gotten.  P.S. when Caldwell was born I thought he was the most beautiful baby in the whole wide world.  I mean I still believe he is/was, but seriously that one month picture - good grief what a funny looking little guy. 

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  1. The nursing part scared me, I am not ready to start those first few weeks again. I cringe just thinking about it! But props to you for making it this far while working full time. You are amazing Danielle! Also I know exactly what you are talking about. I loved and though Olivia was a beautiful newborn, but looking back I laugh. Obviously your love grows for them and they do get better looking over time! Good luck on your trip.