Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Are you shocked not to see Kevin Costner's face? - You're Welcome!

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve, and also seems like my first real day off since May - since May people! It's been a long, stressful, good, fulfilling, exciting and eventful year.  I really miss writing on this blog and in general. I've been able to record more Caldwell stories and statistics in my actual journal. I'm totally that person with their kid - I think he's the cutest you get it right, I'm that mom. The truth is Chris and Caldwell have been such a happy, peaceful spot in my life this year.  Right now I look forward to Sundays - the three of us spending the entire day together is just the absolute ultimate.  I understand that I chose my career and when I'm at work, I enjoy the heck out of it.  But I don't care who you are, being a working mom is hard.  The hardest thing I've ever done, so of course I'm all about Sundays. Here are some highlights for me over the last few months. 
 Caldwell in his lion costume is at the top of my list of moments when I've thought my kid was the cutest damn thing in this entire world.  This was back in October when he hadn't thrown his first fit - the other night he laid on the kitchen floor, arched his back and screamed and all I could think is, "that is not how my lion acts."  The crazy thing is C thinks "the lion" is cute.  Before bed Chris and C stand in the hall and talk about the photo's hanging on the wall.  The last framed photo is of "the lion" and C wants to kiss it before bed every night.  Are you freaking kidding me? 
  C turned one and it came and went.  A lot of moms really freak out at one years old but for me it just felt really good.  I did think a lot about the day he was born, and do you know having C was basically my favorite day ever -not just because we had a baby, but that day with my husband was just so special.  My Chris is really funny and fun and in fact sweet as pie when you have a push a babe of your chotch.  I lucked out on that one and am almost giddy at thinking that one day we might get to have a day like that again - if only I didn't have to be pregnant for 9 months again. 
  We took family pictures in August and I sort of hated them at first and then I decided that I really wanted to remember my family right now.  So I decided that I was okay with how my hair curled that day and I would frame them and love them and I'm so glad I did. 
  We took these pictures in Heber when C was about 10 months and I really love the one of Chris smooching on C's cheeks.  It was one of the first one's I looked at and then later that night I looked at the bigger one of C and I just got all freaked out inside about how I have a kid and not a baby.  I mean I have a kid - I'm actually going to have to start teaching him how to be a good person, and make good choices and treat people with respect and how to handle stress and it just hit me hard that night.  I have a kid. 
 We went to Nauvoo - I was working in St. Louis and my boys flew out to meet me.  After I got off work on Friday afternoon we drove to Nauvoo.  It was a nice trip, but long and difficult with a little guy.  I'm having a hard time recording the positive of the trip, but I read the hours to the temple wrong and it closed early.  Chris didn't get to go and he was ticked.  On top of that, Chris got allergies from the horses and the bed we had at our hotel was like sleeping on plywood.  This was my second trip to Nauvoo- maybe one day there will be a third. 
2014 we moved to Woods Cross where I think we will be awhile.  Chris and I both started new jobs that require a lot of good work.  Chris is learning all there is to know about steel and construction and I'm become quite the expert when it comes to certain aspects of the stock market and money management.  All that aside this year has been all about our family and when I look back, I might remember I had to study in a tiny office for 4 months straight for 8 to 10 hours a day to become a broker, but that won't always matter.  What will matter is that C took his first steps, he only wants to eat oranges and he's enamored with Christmas lights.

This last paragraph is about how proofreading this post doesn't sound at all fun and I'd rather watch the next episode of Scandal, so there's that. Proofreading is for the birds.


  1. I'm not one tiny bit concerned with your ability to teach that boy how to treat people well and be a good person. He's got the best parents as an example. Also I hate proofreading.

  2. I just saw this post and am so happy to hear a little bit about the Bates family. I love your cute family pic, but totally know how you feel. We took family pictures the week after Ruby was born and I hate them, but want to remember her at that size. Miss you girl!