Saturday, June 20, 2015


Growing up, collecting something was important.  My mom collected Madame Alexander dolls.  My fourth grade teacher Mrs Bird collected bird houses.  A little too obvious for my taste.  I even dated a guy once whose mom collected snow globes, which apparently aren't just seasonal.  You get the point.  Naturally it was important I follow trend and somehow my collectors item became miniature tea sets.  Not actual tea sets; nope, rather I chose tiny tea sets that were in fact themed!  I recall now small frog shaped heads for cups and lily pad coasters.  Tonight as I lay in bed, it became apparent to me that this collection was not something I threw away.  My mom's jaw just dropped because I throw everything away.  I think they're in a box in storage.  This post is nothing more than a mental note, that as soon as we buy a house I'm finding that box and I'll be damned if those won't be displayed.  Now I just need one of those pieces of furniture that have small tiny glass windows so you can see in, but not really see in.  In seems appropriate because I want people to know I collect miniature themed tea sets, but I don't really want people to know I collect miniature themed tea sets.  Ya feel me?

P.S.  I also recall one that was bunny themed that my dad may or may not have super glued back together.