Sunday, June 21, 2015


In graduate school I had a professor who would occasionally read my blog.  He got my dry sense of humor and whenever I didn't look busy at work he'd come over to my office and tell me to write something.  After a couple months he followed up with two pieces of advice.  Though they came in a different form.  First he said, "gosh for a graduate student you're horrible at punctuation."  Then I took his class the next semester and he told me he'd drop me a half a letter grade every time I used a comma incorrectly in the weekly papers he assigned.  So I naturally went to the writing lab and made some freshman English major proof read the hell out of my paper's for comma's, instead of actually learning it myself.  His second statement went something like, "lets work together to get your writing more concise."  A pretty vague statement, but one I understood.  I'm long winded.  I write this only to say practicing to be more concise is clearly way more fun than learning grammar rules.

P.S.  I think this class was the only A- I got in graduate school.  That A- means nothing more to me than the fact that freshman in the writing lab missed one.

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