Tuesday, June 30, 2015


In college, on the first day of classes they review the syllabus and tell you everything you have to get done for the entire semester.  I’d go home and anxiously write everything down in my planner, not letting myself realize that there would be four months to do it all.  I liked getting a head start on everything, finishing school work well in advance to the due date.  This feeling instead of being good would be detrimental as I rarely enjoyed the journey; instead I was antsy about projects I knew full well I didn’t have the resources or knowledge to complete yet.   Today when I sat down at my computer at work I had the same first day of classes overwhelm.  So much to do, but not enough information to complete any of it, so there I sat and stewed.  Stewing is the worst form of torture don’t you think? 

P.S.  I haven’t thought about the word syllabus since the day I left college.  Is that even used in everyday vernacular? 

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