Friday, June 19, 2015


The first time I ever had to smell wine was on my trip to St. Louis last year.  It was a mock networking event which in itself is not worth explaining.  The room was filled with nearly 45 people, all drinking, and not just drinking, but the premise of the event demanded lots of conversation over small round tables just big enough to fit a few wine glasses.  Everyone's cups sloshing red or white as they rounded the room making introductions. The smell started to make my eyes water and one of the mentors asked me if I was okay.  I gave a embarrassed, "yeah".  Was I supposed to say I was a Mormon girl from Utah and couldn't handle the bad breath? Since that night I've been plagued with my inability to handle the smell of wine.  I'm a part of women's organization, its a good group of obscure women who are up to good things; though many of them don't share most of my values.  Last night I sat in a board meeting for that organization, as we encroached upon three hours I sat mystified that I’d just sat in the same spot, nearly as long as I sit in church on Sunday.  Plus the temperature in that room left little to be desired and many of my counterparts at this point were slightly inebriated with wine.  The meeting was good, and important.  Yet I faced the same obstacle I did in St. Louis.  If it smells that bad, why would anyone want to drink it?

P.S.  I feel the same way I feel about the way wine smells, as I do about the way raisins taste.

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