Tuesday, July 21, 2015

10 things to do if you hate your job and can't quit....

Anyone who knows me, knows that I have a love/hate relationship with my job.  Working full-time with a baby has been almost excruciatingly painful on so many levels.  Luckily, I have an amazing business partner who has lessened some of my burdens and my new role at the same place can be quite blissful at times.  However, before that was the case I used to make a list in my notebook.  I will share this list with you now........

What to do if you hate your job and can't quit......

1.  Shower everyday before work and never the night before -  This might be obvious to anyone over the age of 12, but I used to think showering at night left more time for sleep in the morning. This is never a good tactic.  A good shower lightens your mood as you walk out the door, and in my case, helps me stay awake for the 40 minute commute.

2.  Buy a new outfit - When you wake up, take a hot shower and then put on new clothes you automatically feel better.  You will absolutely like life more, which in turn helps you have a better attitude about your dreadful job.

3.  Create a friendship - When I used to work in craft sales I didn't enjoy my job but I created a strong friendship with a co-worker at the time.  She was such an inspiration at that point in my life and even though we don't talk often, I still enjoy her association. At my current job my co-workers are less social but I love interacting with my clients regularly. Find that person inside your work place who you can share life's accomplishments with.

4.  Don't complain or entrench yourself with the complainers on the job - I made this mistake at one point.  Then whenever something ridiculous would happen in the office I'd be swarmed with complainers about whatever drama was taking place.  I couldn't control the outcomes and neither could my counter parts.  No one likes a Gladys Kravitz - get out of the trench and stay out.

5.  Don't complain to your spouse about your job - clearly you see my re-occurring problem. Let me repeat, nobody likes a complainer!! Even if they love you and married you and think you're a hottie in the bedroom they don't want to hear it night after night.  I slip up on this occasionally, but its one of the best things I've ever done for our marriage.  Chris has never complained about anything in his life so I've never been on the receiving end of this.

6.  Keep a notebook - I've mentioned before but recording my feelings has always been very therapeutic.  It's also something to look forward too when things get quiet.  In my old position I was hourly, which required me to be a clock watcher. I personally consider clock watching to be one of the worst forms of torture.  Don't watch the clock, write!

7.  Do something at lunch - for years I worked through lunch because it meant I got to go home earlier.  I'm still working on this, but for other reasons now.  There's always so much to do.  Go for a walk, read your scriptures, lay on the grass, just give yourself that break. Now I leave the office for lunch no matter what.

8.  Pray for help - I had a pretty intense conflict with a co-worker at one point.  I've never been so prayerful in my life.  No one truly understands what your going through, other than your Savior Jesus Christ.

9.  Figure out Podcasts - This one has really helped me enjoy my commute.  There's so much good knowledge out there that can be soaked up.  Taking the time to find some good podcasts that make you want to be better before heading into some place you hate is very helpful.

10.  Realize that doing something you hate, helps you find out what you love - I don't think there's a better way for you to find out what your passions are, unless you do something you hate.  When you spend 8 hour shift, after 8 hour shift thinking of things you'd rather be doing than what you are currently doing, leads to some pretty great insight. You become fixated on the person who you want to become and that my friends is a very powerful tool.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

A Bunch of Pictures...

 Christmas Day 2014 - this shirt is now too small. 
 Caldwell just saw this picture and said, "Papa!"  Whenever we go to Salem Caldwell just follows my dad around the entire time and then we come home and for three days Caldwell walks around saying "Papa!"
 Valentines 2015 - we got takeout from Texas Roadhouse.  Chris got a Diet Coke from McDonalds, no presents just cards and paint by number.  We had a list full of questions.  Made for one of our best dates.
 Caldwell used to HATE his car seat.  This face is classic ticked off car seat face.

 The stairs outside our apartment used to give me 700 heart attacks every day.
 This morning I laid in bed planning on finally taking away Caldwell's bottle. I walked into his room and saw this. He had a bottle for 4 more months.
 The night after Chris and I signed the contract to live in this apartment we were laying in bed and I rolled over and said, "Did it have a dishwasher?"  Chris paused and said, "I don't think so."  We had forgotten to look.  I cried. 
 1 Year Checkup

 Chris sometimes has to go on business trips to Arizona.  He gets a good temple trip in when he goes. 

 Grandma takes C to the library every Thursday and then sends me pictures at work. 

 First time C had Cafe Rio dressing.  He's obsessed just like the rest of us. 
 Dang stairs!

 Green Smoothie - C hates to get dirty when he eats. 

 4th of July 2015 - we mostly just drink the sprinkler.

Caldwell and our neighbor played in the gutter like everyday this spring.  We ruined just about every article of clothing he owned at the time.  Which doesn't really matter since he's grown out of all of it now anyway. 
 Sealings at the Bountiful temple, just after I chopped my hair off.
 We spent a lot of time on these stairs!
 He pulls the chair over wants to turn it on and then gets mad when it's too loud. Go figure!
 Our visit at the first of July 2015 to Primary Children s Hospital.  C had a heart murmur we had to get checked out.  Turns out all is well.  Thank goodness, it totally freaked out my little mom heart.  

 Easter 2015
 We played in the gutter a lot! 

I framed this series of photo's for Chris on fathers day and had him hang them in his office. 

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Buying a Home...

First off, I’ve never gone through anything more ridiculous in my life.  The prices in Salt Lake just seem astronomical but in comparison to other places in the United States I'm sure they are reasonable.  What does that even mean?  We’ve looked at quite a few houses.  We’re even meeting with a builder on Saturday to see if building is a viable option’ despite the fact that all new homes in our area come with a 5 inch backyard.  Chris and I both have good jobs.  We’re extremely reasonable spenders, but as we drive around and look at homes all we can think is, “What the crap do all these people do for a living?” 

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

This American Girl - A Blog

There’s a blog I’ve been reading called This American Girl.  The basis of it is that she quit her 40 hour a week job and now spends her life traveling.  She has a renewed sense of how to live life and writes about it on her blog. There’s a couple interesting things to me about her and inspirational people in general.  First, whatever the person is passionate about they live that way to the extreme. No fence sitters.  I often wish I was THAT passionate about something. I also think sticking to your guns when faced with ridicule is cool.  I'm sort of a people pleaser, so I find it entertaining learning from those who are not.  She doesn’t just say quite your job and travel the world.  She truly believes anyone can do it and you can tell that from the way she writes. 

Second, I’m struggling with the whole American Dream fact right now.  I’ve mentioned before how hard it is for me to work so much and still manage my family responsibilities.  I’ve gained weight sitting at my desk day after day.  I don't think people were made to sit in front of a computer all day. So reading her blog has helped me be more active.  Realizing that today I might not be able to leave my desk and travel the world, but I can go for a walk during lunch.  Its all about the first step.  Here's the link

Wednesday, July 1, 2015


 Last night Chris was laying on the couch watching The Profit on Hulu.  A really good show if you like that sort of thing. Chris does.  Anyway, about ten minutes in, Chris leaned over and asked, “Are you blogging?”  I rolled my eyes when he continued, “make it short, I don’t like to read long paragraphs.”  Then I think he asked me to go get him a drink.  As the only person obligated to read this, I appreciate his feedback, but sometimes still want to smack him.  Marriage is  funny huh.