Saturday, July 11, 2015

A Bunch of Pictures...

 Christmas Day 2014 - this shirt is now too small. 
 Caldwell just saw this picture and said, "Papa!"  Whenever we go to Salem Caldwell just follows my dad around the entire time and then we come home and for three days Caldwell walks around saying "Papa!"
 Valentines 2015 - we got takeout from Texas Roadhouse.  Chris got a Diet Coke from McDonalds, no presents just cards and paint by number.  We had a list full of questions.  Made for one of our best dates.
 Caldwell used to HATE his car seat.  This face is classic ticked off car seat face.

 The stairs outside our apartment used to give me 700 heart attacks every day.
 This morning I laid in bed planning on finally taking away Caldwell's bottle. I walked into his room and saw this. He had a bottle for 4 more months.
 The night after Chris and I signed the contract to live in this apartment we were laying in bed and I rolled over and said, "Did it have a dishwasher?"  Chris paused and said, "I don't think so."  We had forgotten to look.  I cried. 
 1 Year Checkup

 Chris sometimes has to go on business trips to Arizona.  He gets a good temple trip in when he goes. 

 Grandma takes C to the library every Thursday and then sends me pictures at work. 

 First time C had Cafe Rio dressing.  He's obsessed just like the rest of us. 
 Dang stairs!

 Green Smoothie - C hates to get dirty when he eats. 

 4th of July 2015 - we mostly just drink the sprinkler.

Caldwell and our neighbor played in the gutter like everyday this spring.  We ruined just about every article of clothing he owned at the time.  Which doesn't really matter since he's grown out of all of it now anyway. 
 Sealings at the Bountiful temple, just after I chopped my hair off.
 We spent a lot of time on these stairs!
 He pulls the chair over wants to turn it on and then gets mad when it's too loud. Go figure!
 Our visit at the first of July 2015 to Primary Children s Hospital.  C had a heart murmur we had to get checked out.  Turns out all is well.  Thank goodness, it totally freaked out my little mom heart.  

 Easter 2015
 We played in the gutter a lot! 

I framed this series of photo's for Chris on fathers day and had him hang them in his office. 

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  1. Loved the pic of you and C laying on the couch together. You're such a cute mom!!!